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Let Gayle Howard, an award-winning Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, G3 Coach, Executive CV writer, and Certified Personal Branding Strategist, jump start your job search with expertly written resumes and coaching

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#Jobseekers: Government applications: It is imperative you get your application in on time. Always.
#Jobseekers Use the Linkedin people search to look for people you know and invite them to connect with you. Aim at 2-5 connections weekly
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Government #Jobseekers: The designated contact officer is a vital source of info. Touch base to get insights/see if you meet requirements
Government #Jobseekers Ask if someone is acting in the role & how long they've been acting. You could be up against experienced performer
#Jobseekers B4 you invest time in preparing your application, it pays to ensure this is the position you're interested in/qualified for
The latest The Gayle Howard Daily! Thanks to @JanetBarclay @Aimee_Bateman #philly #job
#Jobseekers. Ask employer: What would you like done differently by the next person who fills this position?
#Jobseekers You will get more out of Linkedin if you focus on how you can help others, not how they can help you.
The latest The Gayle Howard Daily! Thanks to @hireimaging @careerdirectors @SusanWhitcomb #linkedin
#Jobseekers. Good question to ask employer: If I am hired, what are the three most pressing issues that would need to be resolved?
#Jobseekers Checking for your name online helps you see what decision makers are seeing. an…
#Jobseekers. Ask employer: What significant changes do you foresee in the near future?
The latest The Gayle Howard Daily! Thanks to @billiesucher @CarolynCoach @ResumeExpert #philly #linkedin
#Jobseekers. The onus is on you to question the contact person/recruiter and discover more about the role to determine if you are qualified

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Received a lovely email from a resume writer who just secured his certification as an Executive Resume Master. "Thank you so much, Gayle. I am really proud today. Honestly, if it wasn't for your course that I enrolled in a year ago with you, and your constant guidance, I would’ve never reached this level. So huge part of my success is dedicated to your constant mentorship and guidance, and for that, I will be forever grateful."
Received a lovely email from one of the students on Resume Mastery for the Pros training course just now! "Hi Gayle, I just wanted to personally thank you for such an amazing experience with your program. I procrastinated for such a long time, and looking back at it now, I was just putting off a great experience, and I even had fun along the way! You've crafted the program to be informative, engaging and accessible for all students. I am taking away so much information and confidence to assist my clients. Thank you so much for your course and all you do with your mentoring - you are truly making a difference!"
Another happy client's email: "Again, thank you very much for your help, it was an incredible process and I have seen a whole new side of myself, which I would never have seen without you!" Frank.
Another happy email from a student of my resume mastery course! Two in a day! Happy Days! "Thank you so much for your guidance and support throughout this course. I learned so much more than I thought, and am so glad I did this! You are truly talented at what you do, and I appreciate you teaching others. I've already noticed a difference in my writing and interviewing of clients!"
Just received a lovely email from one of my students on my Resume Mastery course for professional resume writers. "Thanks Gayle, for everything through this entire process. I have learnt more than I could have ever hoped! And have thoroughly loved the process. Thank you for your amazing support and continued encouragement, you have made this entire experience so enjoyable so thank you so much."
Just got a great email! "I wanted to let you know how much I LOVED your $29.95 mini course! I sat through the whole course and found the course so informative and YOU so engaging. I loved the way you popped in and out. I have highly recommended it to several people since watching it. My friend is also enjoying the course. She said she was so mesmerised that she got through half of it without even realising the time!" Regards, CW
Oh! and if you're looking to start a business (or get certified) as a resume writer, my revamped, animated training course (endorsed by Career Directors International and mentored by me) is here and ready to take you from "What's a resume?" to "Wow, I'm seriously talented!"
Just a reminder guys. If you're struggling with updating your Australian resume, I've created a short course for you! Complete with templates and advice from me—here!
Interesting! 'The Career Education Association of Victoria has called on the state government to introduce laws to force schools to offer careers education for year 3 to 12 students. “It is important to recognise that career decisions and judgements are not made in the final years of schooling but are made as early as year 3,” it told the inquiry into career advice at Victorian schools.'
Employment notched up the longest streak of gains on record in January, while unemployment fell a tick and female participation in the workforce climbed to a record high.

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