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@DreamHostCare My site is taking too long to respond & not loading on Chrome or Safari. Can you look into it for me? https://t.co/UTDPJQyjdl
Check out #PassionPlanner and get your sheets together! 😜 https://t.co/SyzPbItaCH <--my fave of the bunch!
@TimGunn @ProjectRunway @lifetimetv So honored to have stood next to you. Telling everyone about how kind & gentlemanly you are!
@Zac_Posen @ProjectRunway We were so happy to be there! & thanks for peeking in to say Hi during the runway show.
RT @Zac_Posen: These fighters are our superheroes!💪🏼 💕 #BreastCancerAwareness @ProjectRunway https://t.co/sc7JiTYUvn
@ninagarcia @ProjectRunway I was so honored to be part of it!
RT @ninagarcia: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I LOVE this week's challenge! 💗💗💗💗 @projectrunway https://t.co/TvUswwhiUo
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Yeah, so this'll help you pivot from your current job into one you <3, no bigs: https://t.co/FalMCRVFXq #sarcasm
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Ooh @taragentile 's interview on Launching an Idea-Driven Biz is SO GOOD. Catch it here: https://t.co/j0caedWZ8I
Changing your job doesn’t HAVE to be horrible. You can easily pivot thanks to these 16 experts & their resources:… https://t.co/lD9ucKQcQp

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Dying to leave the job you hate and make your biz a reality in 2018? That wish is not too big, too much or too out of your reach! All you need is just two hours to participate in my “Leave Your Job & Launch Your Biz” planning session where we'll identify the top 5 things you need to safely take that leap and land on your feet. I'll also share my most successful methods for securing guinea pig clients, why you might need a bridge job & how to get one without making it your full-time job. You'll leave with the *exact* month you'll give your notice and Side Hustle time scheduled on your calendar of choice. Early bird special is on through 12/7! Click over to the info page at http://www.whenigrowupcoach.com/launch-your-biz & save $30 today.
TFW your indie bookstore emails to tell you that your former client’s book is ready to be picked up, & you remember how she won your #scholarship in 2010 & dreamed of being a #published #author, & you get yourself to said bookstore immediately to pick it up & when you get it in your hands you hug it a little like a weirdo & you’re selfishly so excited to dive in because she’s such an amazing writer & you’re so happy witnessing a dream coming true for a person who deserves every bit of it. Brava, @katespencer ! I knew 7 years ago that I’d one day hold your book in my hands, & today is that day. #whenigrowupcoach #careercoach #businesscoach #proudcoach #memoir #booklaunch #totalsap #dreamscometrue #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #passthetissues #gobuyitnow
Tonight’s the night! Tune in to @lifetimetv at 9pm EST for the Warrior Challenge & you might see a familiar face in (& out of) the ring! #breastcancer #boobcancer #thriver #survivor #mylifeisweird #punchcancerintheface #cancersurvivor
Come with your HOW IS MY BUSINESS SPECIAL AAAAAAAHHHH I'LL NEVER STAND OUT freak-outs and leave with a streamlined marketing plan based on how *you* want to engage with your peeps, your business message, your target audience, your differentiators and specific tasks that allows you to bring your uniquity into your copy, design, offers, etc. All you need is TWO hours to participate in my “Unveiling Your Uniquity & Making It the Foundation of Your Brand” workshop. When you find and claim your differentiators – and bring that into your branding – that’s when your business gets noticed, you book your ideal clients, you feel authentic in your work, and you make grown-up money. I can't wait to help you with it all! (Psssssst....early bird pricing is on through 10/22!)
It's a Hot Seat day! Click over to , or call in: iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14086380968,2282360202# or +16465588656,2282360202# US Telephone: +1 408 638 0968 or +1 646 558 8656 / Meeting ID: 228 236 0202 Australia: +61 (0) 2 8015 2088 / Meeting ID: 228 236 0202 More international numbers available: http://bit.ly/2g5xy1e
It's a Q&A Day! Meet us over at , or call in: iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14086380968,2282360202# or +16465588656,2282360202# US Telephone: +1 408 638 0968 or +1 646 558 8656 / Meeting ID: 228 236 0202 Australia: +61 (0) 2 8015 2088 / Meeting ID: 228 236 0202 More international numbers available: http://bit.ly/2w4it40
I'm over-the-moon to tell you about this free, virtual conference for career changers like YOU! I've joined forces with JobJenny to bring you 16 action-packed conversations with the experts: * Paul Angone on getting unstuck at work * Ash Ambirge on packaging your big idea * Scott Barlow on building out your pivot strategy * Jenny Blake on successfully pivoting to a new industry * April Bowles-Olin on non-sleazy marketing * Jenny Foss on making yourself “make sense” on paper * Tara Gentile on launching an idea-driven business * Jennifer Lee on business plans for creatives * Crystal Marsh on making a pivot as a Millennial * Miriam Salpeter on using social media to propel your career forward * She Negotiates on negotiating your best deal * Laura Simms on why you shouldn’t follow your passion * Pamela Slim on finding the thread that ties your work together * Danielle Spurge on the best way to start a handmade business * Emilie Wapnick on career tips for multi-passionate people and me, on what to expect as a new entrepreneur! Each interview will be available to watch for free for 24 hours between Sept 13th-15th, but you can also snag 'em all + a career change resource from each contributor for just $97 during that time. It saves you 96%, you guys. {insert all the happy dancing and high 5s here} I'm so proud of this, and know it'll be so helpful to both entrepreneurial and traditional career changers. Sign up at http://bit.ly/wigupa and you'll get all the deets!
Hey NYC! This is where I'll be tonight - would <3 to see you there. Take advantage of the beautiful weather & the cheapo ticket and get ready to make your dream career come true!
OhmyGOSH these bosses! Because I have the best former clients & friends around, I asked them: “What’s the one thing that you wish you had done differently when you launched your business?” & they gave amazeballs advice. ⠀ Stuff like:⠀ "In a word – FOCUS!" ⠀ "Given myself a big, fat break."⠀ "Be careful about whom you learn from."⠀ "I wish I would’ve truly believed in myself."⠀ "I would have focused on doing one thing really well rather than try to be everything to everyone."⠀ And those are just snippets from 5 of 'em! Click over to http://bit.ly/15bosses with pen in hand - you're gonna wanna take notes.⠀ (THANK YOU to everyone pictured for all your wisdom!)⠀
In this 30 minute lesson, I'll help you craft your simple marketing plan that's effective, streamlined, & based on how YOU want to engage with your audience. I promise that it's not rocket science :) And you better believe there'll be time to answer questions! If you can stay for an extra 10-15 minutes, we'll also do the homework together so it'll actually, y'know, get done. #imaginethat Hope you can join this free, live class! Register now at http://www.whenigrowupcoach.com/launch-at-lunch.

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