How To Become An Account Executive

How To Become An Account Executive

An account executive is an important part of the team of any sales or advertising company. They are responsible for finding potential clients and maintaining relationships with clients. An account executive spends a lot of time communicating with each of their clients to figure out exactly what their needs are, and then works with the creative team at their agency to achieve those goals. The executive wants to make the client as happy as possible, because it means more money for them and the company.

Why Become An Account Executive

An account executive will work with the team at their company to come up with a perfect marketing or advertising campaign for their client, based on their needs, budget, demographics, and other information. Account executives help with the creative process and give input as to what a client may want. They help see that a project comes in before the deadline and under budget.

This is a great career for a person who loves advertising. It is a job where you will be working directly with people. There will be new, intellectual challenges every day, and you will have the opportunity to help your clients grow their businesses. You will use your creativity and business skills to think of ways to help benefit your clients.

An Account Executive should possess the following qualities and skills:

Account Executive Work Environment

Account executives manage the client-company relationship at any type of company, but are especially popular at advertising and sales organizations. Account executives may also work at technology, restaurant, retail headquarters, or other types of companies where maintaining a portfolio of clients is important.

An account executive usually works in an office at the company. An account executive may have an assistant or staff that works with them. An account executive works long hours to accomplish projects by their deadline. They will often work 60 to 80 hour weeks (or more) at the office in order to oversee projects.

When they are not at the office meeting with clients and working on projects, an account executive is often traveling. An account executive will travel to see potential clients and explain to them why the account executive can help them. They will also meet with current clients to discuss the current project. Networking is an important part of sales and advertising.

Account Executive Salary

Like most jobs, the salary for an account executive will vary, based on degree, location, years of experience, and other variables. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 the average pay for account executives was $105,260.

Commission is a large part of the income for account executives. People in this career field can earn more money based on the number of clients in their portfolio and the number of sales and revenue. Account executives often earn bonuses for strong performance as well as profit sharing.

Account Executive Career Outlook

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field for account executives is expected to grow eight percent from 2012 to 2022. This is average growth compared to other career fields. By 2022 there will be almost 30,000 account executive opportunities available.

As the economy grows, companies look for account executives who can generate new sales. An effective sales team will always remain crucial for profitability and increasing revenue. The career field for account executive remains viable for the future.

Account Executive Degree

Step One: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree The first step to becoming an account executive is to go to college. An undergraduate education in business, marketing, or advertising will provide you with the skills you need to succeed in this field. You will need to understand sales and marketing search. You will also need to develop soft skills such as working on a team and public speaking.

Step Two: Internships Interning is a great way to develop your skills in a real life setting. While working as an intern as an advertising or sales firm, you will be able to see if a career as an account executive is something you truly want to pursue. You will be able to network with professionals in the field and use this opportunity as a stepping stone to your first job in the industry.

Step Three: Entry-Level Work Your first job is the industry will probably be as a sales representative. In this capacity, you will work underneath an account executive, helping to find clients for your company and maintain company portfolios. This is an important time to learn about the industry and set yourself apart. If you are successful in your field, you can be promoted through the ranks to the title of account executive.

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