How To Become An Admissions Counselor

How To Become An Admissions Counselor

Within a university or college setting, admissions counselors have a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Within the university or college application process, the admissions counselor is generally the first individual you may meet before you apply to a university or college.

Admissions counselors work to improve upon the institution’s visibility within the large pool of colleges and universities, in order to attract potential applicants.

The responsibilities of the admissions counselor include determining how many students can be admitted to the university or college, create promotional materials, and meet with prospective students. If you have a passion for higher education and want to help prospective students through the academic process, you may want to explore becoming an admissions counselor.

Why Become An Admissions Counselor

As an admissions counselor, you will be expected to learn and be an expert on the college or university’s programs and admissions process. You should have a clear understanding of the applicants and assist them during the admissions process.

Admissions counselors review applications, travel the country to speak to high school students, and promote their university or college to parents and students. Recruitment and providing guidance are essential to an admissions counselor’s job duties.

The discussion of grants, scholarships, and application status are also a part of the admission counselor’s responsibilities. The most important aspect of the admissions counselor’s agenda is to form a bond between counselor and prospective student. The admissions counselor is the first link to post-secondary world for a new, prospective student.

Admissions Counselor Work Environment

Admissions counselors work within universities, colleges, technical and trade schools, and community colleges. Admissions counselors typically work full-time and work year round to recruit and guide prospective students.

Admissions Counselor Salary

The Occupational Employment and Wages Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor showed the mean annual wage in 2014, of admissions counselors is $34,544.

A number of factors can impact your wage such as being entry level or having years of experience in admissions.

Admissions Counselor Career Outlook

The career outlook for an admissions counselor looks to grow, with a projected increase of 12% from 2012 to 2022. Due to the increasing number of college and university enrollments, employment for admissions counselors is expected to grow.

As enrollment expands within universities and colleges, the demand for more knowledgeable and professional admissions counselors will continue to grow.

Admissions Counselor Degree

If you wish to pursue a career within admissions counseling, you will need to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with a post-secondary educational major. It is also important to obtain practical, education-based work experience. Admissions counselors need to have exemplary interpersonal skills, computer skills, organizational skills, and problem solving skills.

It is crucial to build and foster a relationship between admissions counselor and prospective student, parents, and colleagues. An admission counselor needs to be personable, outgoing, and encouraging towards a prospective student.

It is also essential for an admissions counselor to have superb computer skills, as they will be entering data and compiling information about many students at their college or university. Organization is key when sorting through hundreds of records and e-mails of prospective students or prioritizing tasks. Admissions counselors need to be able to solve issues right away, while responding to prospective students to formulate creative solutions to any issues.

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