How To Become A Construction Engineer

The profession of construction engineer can be known by other names. This career is ideal for those good with math and with a high aptitude for technical skills such as interpreting blueprints. This position often carries supervisory responsibility.

Why Become A Construction Engineer

A construction engineer designs and develops construction projects in a safe and efficient manner. You should become a construction engineer if you enjoy construction and design work and have a good understanding of applied math and science. Physics is particularly important to this field.

Good analytical skills are an absolute necessity. Construction engineers must be able to plan and implement safe designs. One of the main responsibilities of a construction engineer is to be a problem solver. Leadership skills are vital to this field. Many times the construction engineer will act as a supervisor.

Construction Engineer Work Environment

Construction engineers will spend time both indoors and outdoors. Construction engineers will use specific computer programs in order to design construction plans. He or she will work outdoors on the building site in order to supervise the implementation of the plans. Construction engineers are often exposed to extreme temperatures. Most job sites have an office that is available for use by construction engineers.

Construction engineers generally work full time. This is a deadline driven industry and sometimes construction engineers will be called on to due to an emergency on the job site.

Construction Engineer Salary

Construction engineers are paid well depending on education and experience. The average salary for this job is around $81,000.00. Salary also varies upon location. Construction engineers often work on a salaried basis.

Construction Engineer Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics produces the Occupational Outlook Handbook. During the next decade, the demand for qualified construction engineers will increase by 16%. Compared to other jobs, this field will grow a little faster than average. One of the reasons this field is expected to grow is because of the need to retrofit older buildings. Older buildings need to become more energy efficient or be reinforced to combat the natural decomposition caused by age.

To increase your job prospects, start working in the construction industry before college. This will make you more valuable to employers because they won’t need to spend time offering an extensive on the job training program. Working in construction before finishing your degree in construction engineering could make you eligible for jobs other than those generally reserved for entry level construction engineers.

Construction Engineer Degree

Education to become a construction engineer includes a degree in construction science, architecture, or engineering. A Bachelor’s degree is the most common form of education for construction engineers. Some entry level positions are available for those with only an Associate’s degree.

You will have to take an exam to become a professional engineer. This test will cover the basic essentials of engineering principles. You must be a licensed professional engineer if you are a construction engineer to any project that will be utilized by the public.

There are additional certifications available for construction engineers that compliment formal education. The Construction Management Association of America and the American Institute of Construction offer professional certifications.

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