How To Become A Construction Foreman

If you have many years of experience in the construction industry, you can strive for a higher post as a construction foreman. You serve as the first line supervisor of construction trades and extraction workers. In this profession, your main task lies in directing, training and assisting laborers in construction jobs. You will also be overseeing their work and coordinating the activities of these workers.

Your job also entails assigning tasks to the workers. The work you designate will depend on the requirements of the job and the skill of each laborer. While many laborers can do general tasks, there are assignments that can only be given to workers who are trained to do the job. For instance, if the work necessitates the removal of asbestos, you would need to assign it to someone who is certified to perform the task. If scaffoldings need to be built, it is your responsibility as a foreman to assign the work to those who have received the proper training and certification since this will assure you that they know how to make durable temporary structures which are integral to the construction of any edifice. Moreover, you will also direct those under you to accomplish the most important tasks first.

As a construction foreman, you will also be responsible for coordinating with the managers of the project to decide on the number of laborers that will be needed for the construction job. You will also be on top of matters related not only to hiring but promotions and resignations as well. You will also serve as the bridge between the workers and managers, bringing to both sides concerns about work. It is also part of your job to ensure that a culture of safety is practiced in the worksite and that everyone follows all the safety protocols implemented.

To succeed as a construction foreman, you need to have leadership skills. You must also be a team player and know how to deal with different types of people. You should also possess the ability to multitask and be able to set priorities so that the work gets done on time. Since you will also be doing manual labor together with your subordinates, you need to be physically fit and healthy as well.

Why Become A Construction Foreman

A career as a construction foreman is best suited for those who seek leadership positions in the construction industry. Individuals with many years of experience as a laborer, know how to handle different types of personalities in the workplace and don’t mind putting in a lot of time at work would find this position satisfying. Construction foremen are also paid quite well.

Construction Foreman Work Environment

Construction foremen can be found in different kinds of construction jobs. They may be supervising laborers who are constructing roads and highways, utility systems and other civil engineering projects. They also work for residential and nonresidential building construction projects. The work is typically fulltime and done during regular hours. However, they may be asked to do overtime especially if a project needs to be completed by a particular deadline.

Construction Foreman Salary

The U.S. Occupational Employment and Wages report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the mean annual wage of first line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers, the job category where construction foremen belong to, is $63,860. The lowest paid got $37,190 while the highest paid $95,120 a year. The states that gave the highest pay to construction foremen are Alaska ($84,410), New York ($78,860), California ($75,880), New Jersey ($75,210) and Hawaii ($75,180).

Construction Foreman Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed a very positive job outlook for first line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers in the coming years. In the decade covering 2012 to 2022, the employment rate is projected to grow at least $22 percent, a rate that is much higher than the national average for all job types.

Construction Foreman Degree

The educational qualification for a construction foreman is a high school diploma or its equivalent. However, a foreman must have substantial years of experience in the field before he can hold or get promoted to the position. There are certificate and associate’s degree programs in construction management offered in vocational schools and technical colleges which can teach aspiring foremen the skills and knowledge they need to manage work in construction as well as increase their chances of getting hired.

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