How To Become A Furniture Designer

Fashion and function smash together within the specialized field of furniture design. A piece of furniture can determine the tone of an entire room, as is one of the most vital components of a space. Furniture is meant to be practical and functional, but provide personality to an individual’s space.

From start to finish, concept to construction, furniture designers work on the entire creation process. As a furniture designer, you are creating a product that can serve many purposes for an individual, family, or business. If you have a passion for creativity, furniture design, and strong attention to detail, you may want to explore a career in furniture design.

Why Become A Furniture Designer

Upon formulating your idea, you will create a sketch of your concept onto paper. This will used to create your piece of furniture. Computer-aided design (CAD) software can be used for more details and specifications as well. Furniture designers craft their pieces utilizing metal and wood and covered in material. You will typically produce a prototype of your design to sell clients. You can also mass production by other furniture manufacturers. Furniture designers are specialists in crafting and designing furniture. They keep in mind both style and functionality.

Sustainability, a client’s style preference, practicality, and ergonomics are some of the factors that will affect the overall design of a piece of furniture. By becoming a furniture designer, you will be able to express your creativity in combination with design, technology, and craftsmanship. Fashion and function smash together within the specialized field of furniture design.

Skills & Qualities For A Furniture Designer

If you are seeking employment within the field of furniture design, or wish to be an independent furniture designer, it is crucial that you possess the following qualities and skills in order to be successful as a furniture designer.

Furniture Designer Work Environment

The work environment for a furniture designer may involve making their pieces within a woodworking or design studio. Furniture designers may have workspaces designated for drafting, sketching, and brainstorming with clients. Furniture designers primarily work within an office setting. They may travel to meet with clients, attend trade shows, and manufacturing sites.

Furniture Designer Salary

The Occupational Employment and Wages Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor does not specifically discuss the wage for furniture designers. Furniture design falls under the umbrella of product or industrial design. The Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that industrial and commercial design professionals make a median annual wage of $57,350.

Furniture Designer Career Outlook

The career outlook for a furniture designer looks to grow slower than other career areas, with a projected increase of 4% from 2012 to 2022. In order to make yourself marketable as a furniture designer, it is essential that you refine and improve your skill set within the area of computer-aided design (CAD). Utilizing a strong background in CAD and knowledge of sustainable resources will improve your odds of becoming successful within the area of furniture design.

Furniture Designer Degree

If you wish to pursue a degree in furniture design, you will need to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in furniture design. Few art and design schools may offer a program in the specialized area of study. You should take coursework in computer-aided design (CAD), woodworking, sculpture, drawing, art, and interior decorating. You will need coursework in 2D and 3D designing to create prototypes.

You should enroll in a bachelor’s degree in furniture design program in an art and design college, technical school or trade school. This will equip you with the knowledge you need to become a furniture designer. You will learn about the history of the furniture designing. You’ll be introduced to the materials and techniques used. You’ll learn to use modern technology to design lasting, stylish and durable pieces of furniture. These programs also give students design projects that will give you the opportunity to put what you have learned in practice.

You may choose to enroll in an apprenticeship or internship to shadow a furniture designer. During your internship or apprenticeship, you will learn valuable woodworking and designing skills to craft an incredible piece of furniture. Internships or apprenticeships are incredibly valuable to your learning so you can gain as much experience as possible. Internships also give you real industry experience and provides you with the chance to build your own portfolio of designs—something that prospective employers will want to see as proof of your abilities.

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