How To Become An Impresario

Impresarios are producers, curators, and managers of many endeavors. As the term suggests, an impresario undertakes the management of television shows, plays, opera performances, concerts, films, campus and community art shows, and much more. Their unique skill set allows them to build connections, networking among people in search of talent, funds, and other resources. An impresario is the bridge between idea and production; in fact, without them, little would happen. They understand need and they promote (or create) the solution.

Why Become An Impresario

The work of an impresario is difficult to define, because they do a little bit of everything. Their work can apply to many aspects of living. Like a conductor in an orchestra, they identify talent, encourage risk taking, alter and interpret the music (idea), and put the concert (event) together. As an example, a community may want to provide a place to showcase local artists’ work.

An individual—the impresario—will locate the setting, communicate with artists, provide funding, advertise and network, coordinate calendars, and manage the details of each event. They are the masterminds that make ideas into reality, but more importantly, they are believers and mentors.

To be a successful impresario, it is important to have a variety of talents and traits that unify ideas and actions:

Impresario Work Environment

Impresarios work as event managers and producers, so they can work in any environment conducive to their endeavors. Many will work for event management companies, while others may work directly with an artistic environment (theater, studio, concert hall, etc.).

The work of an impresario is always in flux, so the physical work environment is dependent upon the stage of production. Brainstorming, planning, and networking can occur anywhere, especially with the advent of handheld and wireless technologies. Impresarios often travel amongst various groups of players involved in their productions and projects. When it comes to the actual event, these individuals are most likely on scene, working many hours to ensure that everything comes together as planned.

Depending on the type of production, the work of an impresario can be fulltime or seasonal. Working evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays should be expected.

Impresario Salary

The salary of an impresario is contingent upon location, organization, industry, experience, and raw talent. Although it is difficult to quantify, the average annual salary of all impresario jobs is $75,000. Impresarios can take on different aspects of the job. Some may act more as event planners and coordinators. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for these individuals is $46,490.

Calculating the worth of this type of individual is complicated, because not every situation will pay the same. Individuals with less experience may find themselves struggling to make a decent salary. It is through networking and experience that impresarios are able to work for more reputable companies and clients, earning higher salaries. Many situations can offer lucrative compensation. The role of an impresario is to provide planning and financing of a project or event, and the more elite the event, the more money involved.

Impresario Career Outlook

Impresarios must be entrepreneurial in spirit to be successful. It is possible to get a job as a promoter or event manager, in which job growth is expected to be average with all other occupations at 10 percent. Impresarios can find opportunities anywhere, as long as they are creative, visionary, and identify a need. Impresarios can make their own work in various areas of life, connecting resources and individuals to make ideas become reality.

Impresario Degree

No formal degree exists or is required to do the work of an impresario. Success comes from being educated and connected. A degree in marketing, business administration, or a relevant program to the field of employment is optimal.

Step 1: Obtain formal education. Many well-paying jobs in event coordination, production, and financing seek individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Business, marketing, and finance programs will provide aspiring impresarios the necessary knowledge to perform the many duties entailed in their future jobs. It is also important to understand about the field in which one hopes to work. Obtaining a degree in art, dance, communications, film, and acting can give an individual the adequate insight into the aspects of creating a production.

Note: It is recommended to acquire a balance of educational opportunities, blending art and business courses/programs, as well as informal and formal exchanges. There is no correct order or method of choosing one’s education; it is important to pull from a variety of sources and continue learning throughout one’s career.

Step 2: Obtain informal education. Information that is pertinent to event management, promotion, planning, and financing can be obtained through a variety of methods. Networking, reading, and attending seminars (online as well) are excellent ways of gaining insights and connections that are important to the work of an impresario.

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