How To Become A Notary

If you are looking for a flexible, work from home position, a notary may be a great choice. A notary helps bear witness and authenticates documents for people. Notarization is an important part of many documents. You will communicate to others to understand the documents they are signing. You must be good at administrative tasks, be knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. Every state has different requirements involved to become a notary, also known as a notary public.

Why Become A Notary

In the United States, there are many official documents that a person may need to have notarized. Notarization is a process in which a person has their documents validated. A notary public is a trusted and trained official within the community. They witness documents to make sure they are not forged, that the documents are authentic and can be trusted. Notarization is an important part of the legal system and of many documentations.

There are three parts of the notary process. First, they screen the signer for their identity and awareness of what they are signing. Second, they enter important details into the document as well as into their notary journal. Third, they sign a notary certification which includes the seal of the notary.

Many people choose to become notary publics as part of their profession. A notary public may be a lawyer, an administrative assistant, or another member of the community. Other people choose to become notary publics so that they may have their own mobile notary signing agent business. Working as a notary public is flexible and part-time. Notary publics bear witness and handle the signing of many important documents.

This is a good career choice for somebody who enjoys interacting with others, who would like a job that is flexible, part-time, and wants to help people understand the important documents they are signing.

Notaries should possess the following qualities and skills:

Notary Work Environment

Many people have full-time jobs, and work as notaries as a side job. These people may work in government offices, law offices, public buildings, or real estate offices. These people work in an office environment. They may see people to do notary signings on an occasional basis. Other notaries work as independent contractors, starting their own business and traveling to people who need a notary public. This is a freelance job. This position requires people to market themselves through word of mouth, as it is running your own business. It requires traveling from home to home.

Notary Salary

Notaries earned a median annual salary of $35,000 in 2015, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A notary public often is a part-time position. Many notary publics have a full-time job that they also do while also working in this position. If a notary public chooses to go the route of a freelancer, also called a mobile signing agent, they will be responsible for their own business. They can choose their own rates to charge. They also are responsible for finding clients and marketing themselves.

Notary Career Outlook

Employment of notary publics is expected to grow by 12 percent from 2014 to 2024 in the United States, which is faster than most other job occupations.
It is always a good idea to have a diverse resume, full of skills and certifications. This is a pleasing thing for an employer to see, because it shows you bring many talents to the organization. It is also a good way to earn additional income, to challenge yourself, and earn a new set of skills. Receiving training as a notary public is a valuable asset to yourself and the company you work for.

Notary Degree

Every state has different requirements to become a notary public.

In some states, potential notary publics are required to attend a training course. At the end of the training course, there is a Notary Public Exam. This exam is administered periodically throughout the state.

Some states require you to submit a photo for application purposes, as well as an application fee, and fingerprinting for identification. If applicable, you may also be required to submit proof of completion of your training course.

If you pass the exam, you will be authorized as a notary public.

You may be required to make additional purchases to perform your job. In some states, notary publics are required to purchase the state notary seal for authorizing documents, a bond, a notary journal, liability insurance, and a fingerprinting journal. In other states, the only requirement is purchasing a notary public seal.

There is no official degree necessary to become a notary public, and not all states require you to become trained to become a notary public.

Because all states have different requirements, it is important to research the requirements and learn how to become a notary public in your specific state.

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