How To Become A Photo Editor

A photo editor plans, reviews, and helps prepare photography for publication. They may work in any number of industries, including magazines, newspapers, blogs, or any place that high quality photography is required.

Many editors work in an office setting, with many now working from home. Some photo editors start working as photographers, and gradually rise to the position of photo editor.

This is a great position for anybody who loves photography, enjoys a management position, and would rather edit photos than work directly as a photographer. To succeed in this profession requires a passion for photography, a strong portfolio, and an ability to market yourself.

Why Become A Photo Editor

Many people become photo editors after several years of experience working as a photographer, and get promoted into the position. Others decide that they don’t quite enjoy photography, but want a related career.

As a photo editor, you will not be in a photo studio, taking pictures. Instead photo editors are in charge of the management aspects of the photo studio.
They figure out what kinds of photos need to be taken for the assignments that are on file, and give those photography assignments to their photographers. They arrange travel for their photographers.

They can hire or fire photographers, and negotiate contracts. They book studio time and get permission to shoot. They spend time editing and touching up photos, selecting the best ones, and deciding which ones will be used.

It is essential for photo editors to have knowledge of photo editing programs. They must also be knowledgeable of cameras, lighting and everything regarding photography. In order to be an effective editor, they must have good management skills.

Photo Editors should possess the following qualities and skills:

Photo Editor Work Environment

A photo editor works in an office setting. They spend much of their time selecting and editing photos. They spend time using computer software to edit and touch up photos. They arrange photo shoots for their photographers, work on contracts, and get permission to shoot photos when necessary.

Photo editors usually work independently and may even be able to work from home. There are deadlines that need to be adhered to and editors might need to work late nights or extended hours to make sure that a project comes together on time.

Photo Editor Salary

Photo editors earned a median salary of $45,000 in 2016.

There are many different factors that affect salary. Photo editors often choose to work for themselves as freelancers. This allows them to set their own rates for their work, so they can obtain a higher salary.

There are a number of industries that photo editors can work in. They might work for print media, such as magazines or newspapers. Others might work for photography websites. They might work for broadcasting services. The industry you choose to work in can affect a person’s salary.

Photo Editor Career Outlook

Employment for photo editors is expected to decrease by 5 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Many people dream of pursuing a career in the arts, whether it is photography, dance, acting, writing, editing, painting, or any other type of artwork. If a person has a passion for these career fields, they should most definitely pursue them.

The issue is that traditionally, there have always been more people looking for these types of jobs than positions available. People who want a career as a photo editor will have strong competition. This requires a lot of experience, an ability to market yourself, and determination to succeed.

Photo Editor Degree

Many people discover at a young age that they love photography. It is great to have a natural talent in photography, and this talent is further helped through practice and continuing to take photos. People often buy a professional camera and computer software to learn more about photography.
Keeping a portfolio is an essential part of any photography career. A portfolio showcases a person’s work, and is something to show to employers and clients. Many people are hired based on their portfolio work.

Starting a career as a photographer is a great way to climb the ladder into a position as an editor. As a photographer, you will go on photo shoots, use various types of cameras and lighting equipment, capture subjects in professional quality photographs, and travel to different areas to attend photo shoots.

Many community colleges and art schools offer programs in photography, visual art, and other art programs. At these schools, students take introduction to photography classes; learn to use professional software to edit photography; take vision and style classes; shooting labs; study and analyze the works of master photographers; and learn advanced camera, lighting and filming techniques.

Photo editing is the next step above photographers. You will manage the schedule for photographers, send them on photo shoots, and negotiate contracts. Many people get to this position by being promoted from a photographer position after several years of experience.

Photo Editor Coursework

These are a few of the courses that are taken in a photography program.

Intro to Photography: Students learn the basics of photography including different kinds of cameras, lenses, how to shoot, lighting, and more. They work inside of the studio and have their work critiqued by their instructor.

Digital Editing: Students use professional editing equipment and learn how to digitally manipulate their images to create amazing effects. This is the first step to learning how to become an editor.

Art History: The best way to learn about art is to study other artists. Students will look at the work of other photographers and editors, learn their techniques, and recreate their works.

Photo Editor Career Path

Being an editor is an advanced position. Many people work for years to become an editor of a magazine or newspaper. The best way to become a photo editor is to first gain a career as a photographer.

Career Overview Responsibilities Education Required Benefits
Photographer A photographer is an artist, using a camera to capture people, places and things. Photographers work in a variety of realms such as weddings, landscape, sport photography, fashion, and more. Photography art program This role allows for creative expression, something new every day, an ability to take on different assignments.

Related Photo Editor Careers

If you are interested in being a photo editor, you may also be interested in these careers.

Photographer: Photographers take pictures in a variety of settings, capturing people, animals, food, natural wildlife, or anything else that their assignment has them focusing on.

Photojournalist: Photojournalists work for magazines and newspapers. They use their photography to captivate and highlight a story about what is happening.

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