How To Become A Restaurant Consultant

A restaurant consultant improves the business of restaurant clients. You may be asked to figure out why a particular restaurant is not attracting more customers into its doors despite its impressive menu. Your services may be engaged to help clients figure out why there is such a fast turnover of workers in their restaurant. After figuring out what the problem is, you are going to make the necessary recommendations to help the food establishment improve its services and operations.

It would be wrong to assume that your services will only be needed when a restaurant finds itself having problems.

Many restaurant owners get the expertise of a consultant even before they start opening their doors for business. The work you do in these instances will be slightly different than when you are called in to troubleshoot problems.

Here, you will be working directly with your clients, meeting with them about how to execute their planned concept as smoothly as possible. You will help them determine the number of workers to hire and the desired qualifications of each as well as craft a training program for employees as soon as they are hired to ensure that restaurant operations proceed without any hitches.

Restaurant consultants use their vast experience in the field to provide owners with insights on how they can offer great food and impeccable service to their customers so that their business will grow.

To succeed as a restaurant consultant, you first need to have a solid background in the food services and restaurant industries. You also need to be highly observant and analytical since this is how you will be able to figure out what a client’s problem is and think of creative ways to solve them.

You also need to possess excellent communication and listening skills so you can figure out what the clients want and explain how you intend to carry out your action plan.

You must also be able to work gracefully and effectively even under time pressure since you are going to be mostly given projects that need solutions within a particular time frame.

Why Become A Restaurant Consultant

A career as a restaurant consultant is a position that is well-suited to someone who is passionate about the food industry and has extensive experience in the food business.

It is a career for those who also have a knack for and a keen interest in the business operations of restaurants and related establishments. It also paves the way for those with a substantial background in food services to open a consulting firm which can potentially be a lucrative practice.

Restaurant Consultant Work Environment

Restaurant consultants typically meet clients in their offices to discuss about their work but then would spend most of their time in the restaurant to observe operations and come up with their recommendations. The work can be very demanding especially if they need to come up with solutions within a given time frame.

Although self-employed consultants do have more flexibility when it comes to deciding how many clients they can pursue and hence have control over their work schedule, they are also under pressure to expand their client base because this is where they get their bread and butter.

Restaurant Consultant Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have any salary data specifically for restaurant consultants.

It does have wage information for management analysts or management consultants which is the broader occupational category for this profession. The Occupational Employment and Wages report of the agency revealed that the mean annual wage of management analysts is $89,990.

Restaurant Consultant Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor revealed that the projected job outlook for management analysts is very positive. With an employment rate set at 19 percent, this is faster than the average for all job types. The demand for these professionals is set to grow because organizations will continue to look for ways to become more competitive while maximizing the use of their resources. As people grow, there will be a demand for more restaurants that will provide food and beverages.

Restaurant Consultant Degree

The minimum requirement to become a restaurant consultant is a bachelor’s degree, preferably in business, hotel and restaurant management or similar fields. Some employers also prefer to get the services of a consultant with an MBA.

A solid work experience in the field is an advantage since many restaurants prefer to engage consultants who know the restaurant industry inside out. Obtaining the Certified Management Consultant designation offered by the Institute of Management Consultants USA is also recommended since this shows that the consultant is qualified for the position.

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