How To Become A Software Developer

If you have always been intrigued by computer programs and look forward to the idea of coming up with software for applications or systems then you can consider a career as a software developer. You will have the opportunity to design, develop and test software based on what users require. You will see to it that the software program you developed will function as it should. If upgrades are necessary, it will be your responsibility to ensure that these are instituted. You will also be working with computer programmers and other computer specialists to come up with reliable and dependable software.

Computer skills and technical knowledge are not the only requirements that will be asked of software developers. Since you will be required to design software based on what users need, you should possess a highly-analytical mind and excellent problem-solving skills. You must also pay attention to detail and be able to communicate effectively with your co-workers.

Why Become A Software Developer

The opportunity to design software for computer applications or computer systems that people will actually use can only be done by software developers. If you have a passion for computers and technology, this career will give you a sense of fulfillment. As demand for software increases, software developers can also expect more opportunities for employment. Software developers are also given very attractive compensation packages.

Software Developer Work Environment

Software developers usually work in a collaborative environment as the process of developing software is usually a team effort. They work fulltime for companies engaged in computer systems design and related services and computer and electronic product manufacturing. They also work for finance and insurance firms and software publishers. While most work in the office setting, some work from home. It’s not uncommon for developers to do overtime work.

Software Developer Salary

According to the May 2013 Occupational Employment and Wages report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, application software developers earned a mean annual wage of $96,260. Meanwhile, systems software developers received a slightly higher mean annual wage of $104,480. This puts the median hourly wage of both careers at $44.55 and $48.75, respectively.

Average Software Developer Annual Salary


The average annual salary for software developers is $106,710 a year. Salaries start at $59,870 a year and go up to $160,100 a year.

Average Software Developer Hourly Wage


The average hourly wage for a software developer is $51.30. Hourly wages are between $28.79 and $76.97 an hour.

Stats were based out of 849,230 employed software developers in the United States.

Highest Paying States For Software Developers

Top Paying Cities For Software Developers

Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Software Developer Career Outlook

Software developers are going to be in high demand from 2012 to 2022. At a growth rate of 22 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that there will be 1,240,600 software developers employed in 2022 from the 1,018,000 hired in 2012. The growing demand in computer software for use with new technologies, in healthcare and in security is the driving force behind the need for software developers. Applicants who are knowledgeable in the latest programming tools and languages hold brighter job opportunities.

Software Developer Degree

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or related course will be necessary for one to become a software developer. Developing strong computer programming skills will be necessary as this will most likely be the first job of graduates before they can become software developers. They also gain industry experience by becoming an intern at a software firm while obtaining their undergraduate degree.

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