How To Become A Software Engineer

Software engineers develop computer applications and programs. Software engineers design, develop, test and evaluate software systems that allow computers to work properly. They are the people who are involved with the design and development of many different kinds of software.

If you are a person who has a very scientific mind and enjoys thinking abstractly, enjoys working with computers, and likes to solve complex problems, then a career as a software engineer may be perfect for you.

Why Become A Software Engineer

Computers by themselves are just pieces of hardware, all pieced together; they need software in order to function. Software engineers specialize in creating the software necessary for computers and other technology. They are involved in the software development process, which includes design, testing and bringing a piece of software to the consumer.

A software engineer will analyze the needs of the company, for the specific project they are working on. They may be working on an upgrade for a project, or be creating an entirely new piece of software. They will design each piece of the application.

Software engineers test their software applications and programs on a regular basis to check for bugs and patch up any problems. It takes many people to create a piece of software. Software engineers work as part of a team, collaborating together to roll out a software system.

As technology continues to advance at such a quick pace, it will be very easy to find a position in this career field. This is a great career choice for people who love computer programming, who enjoy working with computers, who enjoy solving complex problems, and want to work as part of a team.

Software Engineers should possess the following qualities and skills:

Software Engineer Work Environment

Software engineers work in an office setting. They work for companies that focus on computer design, software design and other services for software publishers. Creating software requires a lot of people and is a team effort.

Software engineers are working in an office with many other people, who are all involved in the process of designing, developing and programming. They work together to get the project done. A software engineer who has had many years of experience may be able to work from home. This is a full time job that requires long hours to finish a project.

Software Engineer Salary

The median annual salary for a software engineer was $100,080 per year in 2016, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are many factors to consider when determining salary. The years of experience a person has may be a determining factor. There are many industries a software engineer may work in, from manufacturing, to finance, to computer design. Salary may vary depending on which industry a person decides to get a job in.

Salary may also vary depending on whether a person is located in a large city or a smaller town. These will also be factors that contribute to an individual’s salary.

Average Software Engineer Annual Salary


The average annual salary for software engineers is $102,470 a year. Salaries start at $54,920 a year and go up to $157,660 a year.

Average Software Engineer Hourly Wage


The average hourly wage for a software engineer is $49.27. Hourly wages are between $26.40 and $75.80 an hour.

Stats were based out of 1,617,400 employed software engineers in the United States.

Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Software Engineer Career Outlook

Employment for software engineers is expected to grow by 17 percent from 2014 to 2024. This is faster than average growth compared to other occupations within the United States.

Technology is important for the way we run our lives in the 21st century. Technology is always changing. Software engineers are constantly developing new products to help us live our lives more efficiently, as well as creating updated versions of the applications we already have.

Software engineers are needed in fields such as computers, technology, and consumer goods, where people love to purchase items such as smartphones and televisions. They are also needed in areas such as healthcare, to help people roll out digital platforms in their industry.

There are many products that require software. Software engineers will continue to see a rise in job opportunities.

Software Engineer Degree

If you would like to become a software engineer, read below to find out how.

Step 1: Undergraduate education. A bachelor’s degree is required to become a software engineer. There are many programs to choose from, including programs in software engineering, computer science, computer design, mathematics, or any other related major. During your program you will learn the basics of software design. You will also be able to get hands-on instruction and do some of your own programming and design. It takes four years to receive your bachelor’s degree.

Step 2: Internship. An internship is a great way to gain more insight into this field. Try to get an internship while you are still in college. Many colleges have partnerships with local software companies, design firms, and other businesses. You will be able to work alongside other engineers on a specific project. An internship may be paid or unpaid.

Step 3: Certification. After several years of experience in the industry, a person may choose to become certified in their profession. Professional organizations such as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) provide certifications. These certifications are tailored to specific areas of practice.

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