How To Become A Sports Manager

As a sports manager, you will be the business representative for a professional athlete. This is a role that involves a lot of traveling. You will be in front of the media. You will be negotiating salaries and building long-term relationships.

Many people receive this career through internships and certification in the field. If you love sports, you may enjoy sharing your talents and interests as a sports manager.

Why Become A Sports Manager

Many people dream of becoming a professional athlete. Whether it is playing football, basketball, baseball, or another sport, making it into the big leagues is an aspiration for a lot of people. Many have this goal, and some actually do get recruited to play on a popular collegiate team, or a professional national team.

A sports manager is a person who helps an athlete with the business aspect of their profession. They help draw up the contract and act on behalf of the athlete’s best interests. They help decide what the athlete is responsible for, what games they will play, and for how long. A sports manager helps negotiate the salary for an athlete.

They ensure that the athletes are in their best condition for their sport. The sports manager helps take care of the business dealings for the athlete, allowing them to concentrate on the rest of their profession. Agents build long-term relationships with the athletes that they represent.

An agent will help athletes achieve their dreams in the sports industry. This is a great career choice for somebody who loves sports, is outgoing and has a great understanding of business, has a natural manager and leadership mindset, and wants to help others get promoted and rise to the top inside of the wide world of sports.

Sports Managers should possess the following qualities and skills:

Sports Manager Work Environment

A sports manager or sports agent may work in the professional sports leagues, representing athletes in sports such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey and more. They may also work in colleges, recruiting athletes for university programs.

There is a lot of travel required for this position, with agents needing to travel across the country or perhaps even internationally, accompanying their athletes to games and other events. Agents work in front of the scenes and often are talking with reporters. This is a career in which networking with people, being outgoing, and developing relationships with people is very important. It can be a stressful career that is full time with irregular hours.

Sports Manager Salary

The median salary for sport manager was $43,440 in May 2015, according to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are many factors that can affect salary. The business a person works for can affect salary: whether a person works as a sports manager for a national sports team, a college or university, or another entity can determine the amount paid. The years of experience a person has can determine their salary. The location a person lives in may also affect salary.

Sports Manager Career Outlook

Employment of sports managers is expected to increase by six percent from 2014 to 2024. This is approximately the same rate of growth as other occupations in the United States.

More people are going to college than ever before. At the same time, people are enrolling in collegiate sports and universities are expanding their sports programs. This interest in professional sports has increased the demand in sports managers. Agents are on the lookout for people to recruit and coach.

Sports Manager Degree

A sports manager brings several years of experience as well as talent to their position. Read below to find out how to become a sports manager.

Step 1: Undergraduate education. Enroll in a program such as sports management, recreation management, kinesiology and exercise science, athletic training, fitness administration, physical education, or any other similar programs. This will give you a great foundation in learning more about this career field.

Step 2: Internship. College is a great time to go on an internship. Interning can help you get your foot in the door and find sports management jobs near you. You can intern at a collegiate level sports team, or maybe even a national level league. Intern with a sports agent, following them and learning how they spend their day. This is a great way to learn if this is the field you truly want to get into. It is also a good way to make connections and network, and possibly earn clients in this field.

Step 3: Get certified. Certifications are required for people wanting to be agents for athletes. Additionally, many of the professional athletic leagues – such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL – require sports agents to be certified before representing any of their members. Visit the websites of the individual sports leagues to find out more information on becoming a certified sports agent.

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