How To Become A Teacher

Education is an acquired industry. As long as society has children, then teachers will always have a job! Although elementary school teachers are the most popular, there are plenty careers in secondary education and elective teaching. The jobs in popular demand are science and math teachers, so if you are awesome with numbers and know how to calculate velocity and determine cells, you are in the right place! If math or science are not your strong areas, don’t fret there is a ideal position for everyone.

Why Become A Teacher

There are varying grade levels in which a teacher can teach. Depending on the educational program selected, will be determining factor for the grade levels to be taught. Early Childhood majors are qualified to teach up to third grade. Elementary education majors can teach from third grade to sixth grade. Middle grades can teach sixth grade to eighth grade. Secondary majors can teach seventh to twelfth grade. Depending on the major you select, will determine the grades to be taught.

Teacher Work Environment

To work as any educator you must obtain a bachelor’s degree and a teacher’s certification from the state in which you will be working. Most colleges and universities have specific programs for: Elementary, Early Childhood, Secondary and Elective. Be sure to check out the colleges academic pages to confirm that college has an education program.

Education majors are unique because they essentially have a dual major. The curriculum requires a specific amount of education courses. These courses focus on theory, practice and methods. While taking education courses, content course are required. These courses prepare for the specific content area of the students’ interest. For example, if you are interested in becoming a high school math teacher, you will take education courses focusing on the practices and methods of education. You will also take a number of mathematic courses to ensure your understanding of the content area.

Teacher Salary

Teachers with only a bachelor’s degree on average make an average 50,000. District will usually compensate for additional education. Teachers that have a master’s degree in an education field can average at 75,000. The salary depends on the district, geographically area and degrees.

Average Teacher Annual Salary


The average annual salary for teachers is $47,490 a year. Salaries start at $20,700 a year and go up to $81,510 a year.

Stats were based out of 294,240 employed teachers in the United States.

Highest Paying States For Teachers

Top Paying Cities For Teachers

Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Teacher Career Outlook

Most institutions require teachers to have at least two years of teaching experience before being considered for public and suburban schools.

While private schools are available, charter schools are on the rise and are always considering fresh and innovative teachers. Also, depending on the demographically area, teachers are more required than others. Lower performing or lower socioeconomic areas require more teachers than other areas. To determine if your area is in demand for teachers, check with the school districts in your particular area.

Teacher Degree

All teachers are required to take two Praxis test; the Praxis and the Praxis II. These test are similar to SATs, they are standardize test to measure your knowledge. The Praxis – is an amplified SAT, this test your knowledge in math, reading and essay writing. The Praxis II is a content specific test. This test is usually taken during your senior year. Praxis II content test will measure your proficiency in your content area. For example, a Spanish Education major will have to take the foreign language Praxis- Spanish.

Once all of your Praxis test are completed and passed, you need to apply for your state certification test. Each state has specific requirements to qualify for the teaching certification. You should check with the state’s Department of Education to find out more information. Majority of schools will not allow you to teach unless you can provide proof of a certification.

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