How To Become A Web Developer

How To Become A Web Developer

eb developers are responsible for designing and maintaining websites. There are specific things that web developers must know in addition to coding and design. A web developer must be able to determine if a website will be capable of handling a specific amount of traffic. If the web developer is incorrect, the entire website could crash during a period of high traffic. Some web developers are responsible for adding content.

Why Become A Web Developer

If you love computers and web site design, you may enjoy a career as a web developer. Web developers have the intense task of taking the client’s dreams and vision about a website and turning them into a reality. It’s a great career for those who love coding and have a flair for design. To do well in this position, you need a good understanding of programming languages such as HTML, XML, CSS, and PHP. Those are just the top of the iceberg. There are other components involved in designing sites to perform in a certain way.

Web Developer Work Environment

Web developers work in an office setting. Some have their own office and some work within a group of other IT and web professionals. Web developers are employed by a variety of businesses. It is also a great job choice if you want to start your own business. Web developers typically work full time. They spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. If you choose this profession, it’s important that you take breaks to stretch. Doing so will help you avoid problems with repetitive stress injuries.

Web Developer Salary

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median annual salary for web developers was $62,500.00. Like with other professions it is important to note that salary is often influenced by experience and education. In this field, other factors such as a portfolio and voluntary certifications will also count toward salary. Those in the lowest ten percent earned only around $33,000.00.

Those in the top ten percent earned more than $100,000.00. A self-employed web developer makes around $45,000.00 per year. Remember that if you choose the route of starting your own business that you will not receive perks such as sick leave, paid vacation, and health insurance. You will also be responsible for your own taxes.

Web Developer Career Outlook

Web developers are in high demand and the future for this career will continue to grow. This field will grow more than 20% within the next ten years. This is because the Internet, particularly ecommerce, will continue to evolve. Practically every business has or wants to have their presence on the Internet. Work will also expand because of the use of mobile sites.

Web Developer Degree

Education for this career can vary. Some people never attend college or receive any form of formal education. Many web developers do well with their talent and self-education. Many people do attend either a vocational trade school or go to college. Vocational trade schools offer certificates and two year degrees. Many people choose to get a Bachelor’s degree in web development or another field of computer science. To enhance your worth as a web developer, take classes on graphic design in addition to computer programming classes.

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