How To Become A Youth Pastor

A youth pastor is a leader in the church. They are responsible for running programs specifically targeted towards the youth in their church. They will operate youth groups and have events for teenagers. A pastor will act as a role model for the youth in their church. They will answer any questions teenagers may have about the Bible or God, and help adolescents understand the role that God has in their lives. A youth pastor may also help direct adolescents to appropriate social services in the area, visit teenagers in need, and pray for those who need it.

Many youth are confused about religion. Some do not know if God exists, or understand the purpose of their lives. There are a lot of questions that teenagers have about the Bible. As a youth pastor, you are able to answer the questions that these youths have in a way that makes them feel comfortable and not judged. It is important for youths to feel like they are welcome members of the church community.

Why Become A Youth Pastor

As a youth pastor, the youngest members of the church community will look up to you as a role model. They will come to you for their questions about the Bible and Christianity. As a pastor, you are expected to have an understanding of the Bible and help youth get practical answers to their questions.

A career as a youth pastor is a great choice for those who are devoted to God and their church. It is a great career for those who want to promote Christianity and spread the word of the gospel. It is the appropriate job for people who want to help teenagers become more involved in their church and become closer to God.

A Youth Pastor should possess the following qualities and skills:

Youth Pastor Work Environment

A youth pastor works in a church. The pastor works alongside people in the local community. The youth pastor is responsible for running the youth groups, as well as any other programming. A church may decide to hold fundraisers, camps, or go on field trips. These would all be directed by the youth pastor. A youth pastor may work part-time or full-time.

Youth Pastor Salary

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that pastors earned a median salary of $44,000 in 2014.

Salary is dependent on a variety of factors, including education, experience, the size of the church and the congregation.

Youth Pastor Career Outlook

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for pastors is expected to grow six percent from 2014, which is average compared to other career fields.

Churches are interested in bringing in adolescents into their congregations, because teenagers who form a relationship with a church will stay with a church into their adult years. This will help the congregation increase in size. Churches are also interested in reaching out to youth because this is a time in a person’s life when many start to exercise their independence and start having questions about their own spirituality. Youth pastors are needed to bring teenagers into the congregation.

Youth Pastor Degree

A youth pastor must have the right amount of religious education and experience in order to work in this field.

Step One: Bachelor’s Degree A person interested in pursuing this career field should first receive a bachelor’s degree. Programs in religious studies, theology, religious ministry, counseling, and similar programs are all great starts to a career in this field. You may even be able to specialize in youth ministry, which will allow you to take courses in how to specifically target adolescents in your practice. There are many Christian colleges and universities that have programs for obtaining a degree in youth ministry.

Step Two: Volunteer or Intern The best way to get experience is to do an internship or volunteer. Ask the church that you are a member of if you can volunteer as part of their youth ministry, helping to lead youth groups and conduct sermons. The more you become involved in the church, the better you will understand if it is the correct field for you.

Step Three: Ordination Your church may require you to become ordained. Check the requirements at your church to see if you need to be ordained as a minister to work there. As you continue to work in the church, you can take on more roles such as performing sermons, officiating weddings, leading funerals, baptizing new members of the church, and more.

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