Do I Need A Master’s Degree In Information Technology?

There is no direct yes or no answer to this question because the answer will really depend on your personal circumstances, your career goals and your current position. In general, entry-level jobs for computer and Internet-related occupations simply require a bachelor’s degree. Some, like web developers, only need an associate’s degree to start working. In some cases, certification in different kinds of software is even a more important gauge of skills than a postgraduate degree. This is not true, however, of those who wish to become computer and information research scientists where a doctoral degree is the minimum requirement for an entry-level post.

As you can see, it is not possible to give a clear-cut answer on whether you need to obtain advanced studies in information technology. The answer will depend largely on you. So to help you arrive at the right decision on whether you should obtain a master’s degree in the field, here are some things to consider:

A master’s degree is advantageous if you have plans of advancing your career by getting promoted to management and supervisory positions. Postgraduate studies in the field of information technology go beyond the technical knowledge offered by regular programming and computer technology courses. Advanced degrees will equip you with the skills you need to manage businesses and run IT operations efficiently and effectively. With this knowledge and special skill set, you have a higher chance of landing a senior level IT management positions and not simply a technical job.

Thus, if you are already holding an IT position, such as an IT Manager or IT Technician, and aspire to move up the career ladder, a master’s degree would definitely be a good investment. The good thing about this kind of postgraduate program is that many schools offer them online. This means that you have the flexibility to complete the requirements of the course while continuing to work at the same time. This kind of arrangement will also enable you to relate what you have learned at work with your current lessons.

Moving up the career ladder or landing an entry-level post that require more expertise also translate to better pay. Thus, if earning more in your profession matters greatly to you then a master’s degree in information technology is definitely going to be worth it.

Even if you are perfectly content with your current position and don’t really care much for promotions or lucrative wages, pursuing a master’s degree in information technology may still be advantageous for your own personal growth. A master’s program gives you the chance to focus on a particular IT field so if you put a premium on increasing your knowledge about the field then a master’s degree will definitely give you that intellectual stimulation you need. Finally, postgraduate studies in any field will never be put to waste as it will widen your job opportunities and afford you more respect amongst your colleagues. Of course, you will have to weigh these considerations against the expenses that pursuing postgraduate studies will entail.

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