Do I Need A Master’s Degree In Social Work?

There are careers in social work where postgraduate studies are going to be needed to gain entry into the profession. If you intend to be a clinical social worker, a master’s degree in social work is going to be a requirement. Clinical social workers usually have their own private practice and work with patients suffering from various psychological and emotional disorders. They don’t only give diagnoses and provide treatment but also help clients make major life-changing decisions and point them to the resources that would help them on their path to recovery.

You will also need a master’s degree if you want to work with those suffering from mental health and substance abuse. Determining the proper diagnosis, prescribing modes of intervention and helping them through individual and group counseling interventions as well as monitoring their progress is clinical work and requires an advanced degree.

If you want to become a school social worker or a healthcare social worker, you will also need to obtain a master’s degree in social work. As a social worker in the school setting, you will be working with all the members of the school community towards the end goal of making the school experience a happy and productive one for all students. Thus, you will be closely collaborating with students, teachers, parents and school administrators to address learning and behavioral problems of students. Healthcare social workers, on the other hand, often work with patients who are suffering from health issues. They don’t only provide advice on how the sick can take care of themselves but also help them by referring them to services that they would find useful.

While a master’s degree would be necessary for these kinds of social work careers, it’s important to understand that it’s not going to be enough. You will also need to get clinical experience in a supervised clinical setting after you have obtained your master’s degree and pass a clinical exam before you can get your license. Licensure is a requirement in all states before anyone can work as a clinical social worker. Master’s degree programs take at least a couple of years to complete while the supervised clinical experience lasts for another two years.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, pursuing a master’s degree in social work is crucial preparation for the social work specialization you want to focus in. A bachelor’s degree is only sufficient for entry level generalist positions. So if you are perfectly content to become a caseworker or mental health assistant all your life then you don’t really need a master’s degree.

Most workers do want to take their careers to the next level not only for the prestige it brings but for the salary increase these positions come with. If you intend to hold an administrative position or get promoted to a higher rank which would require more responsibility, having a master’s degree in social work would definitely give you an edge over other candidates.

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Social Worker

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