Do I Need To Be Good At Math To Major In Business?

While you may not necessarily have to be a math whiz to be able to major in business, you do need to be comfortable with mathematical concepts if you want to do so. For starters, business degree programs typically require students to pass algebra with calculus and business statistics before they can be accepted into a business major.

You may also need to take up business courses like principles of accounting, macroeconomics and microeconomics if you want to get admitted to a bachelor in business administration program.

Obviously, the lessons involving algebra and statistics are going to entail a lot of calculations and formulas as it will introduce you to complex mathematical concepts. Subjects involving the principles of accounting as well as those covering macroeconomics and microeconomics will also involve computations and an analysis of facts and figures although it won’t involve such complex mathematical skills.

While you do need to pass math to be able to major in business, it’s important to understand that mathematical skills are still going to be necessary during business school. All throughout your college years, you will be taking subjects in accounting, marketing, business statistics, business finance and business law, among others, which will require you to analyze and interpret numbers, data, graphs, figures and other information.

When you have developed a love for math and a high comfort level with computations and calculations, identifying and finding solutions to problems in business are going to be a whole lot easier.

Companies today value data more than ever before especially since the business climate has become more competitive with the advent of the Internet and technology. Having excellent math skills will allow you to get a clearer picture of the relevance of data as it applies to the economy and to businesses. It will enable you to see the big picture because you are able to make sense out of the seemingly unrelated pieces of data given to you. If you are good at making these kinds of analyses—skills that you develop with constant exposure to math—then business school is going to be easier to hack.

Problem solving is another important ability that is harnessed by those who are fond of math. This ability is also something that all students majoring in business should have in full measure. Teachers who have real world experience in the business industry often prepare their students for what the business world is truly like by giving them problems to solve.

Even if these don’t necessary involve numbers, students who know how to tackle mathematical problems are able to employ the same logical thinking process so they can find a solution. This trait is very valuable because finding answers to real world problems in the business world does not always have to go by the book.

If you are not yet receiving decent scores in math in high school but have plans of majoring in business in college, you don’t have to fret. Review your lessons and practice the exercises from your book. If you need to get the help of a tutor then by all means do so and learn what you can from him or her. The constant exposure to mathematical concepts and problem solving exercises are going to serve their purpose of cultivating your mathematical and analytical skills which will help you make it through business school.

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