Do You Have To Minor In Math To Be An Accountant?

"I would like to become an accountant. I’d also like to hone my interest in computers so I’m thinking of taking accounting as my major and computer courses as my minor. If I take up accountancy and computers at the same time, I am going to be fully loaded. I don’t have problems with having a busy schedule. My concern is what I overheard some girls talking about the other day that those who want to be an accountant must minor in math. Is this true? Do you have to minor in math to be an accountant?"

asked by Rachael N. from Finleyville, Pennsylvania

You don’t have to minor in math to be an accountant. Having a math minor will certainly help you perform your job. You’ll be an more efficient accountant.

Before we look into this further, it’s important to understand what you to to become an accountant. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or similar field is required. If you have a master’s degree in accounting or MBA, you increase your chances of getting hired. Employers prefer those with postgraduate degrees.

Obtaining a minor is something you do voluntarily. When you choose to have a minor, you are basically studying another subject on top of the degree you are working towards. The number of credits to finish a minor varies with the school. You are basically adding anywhere from 18 to 20 credits to your load. This averages out to be about an extra class per semester for a bachelor’s degree.

This isn’t too heavy if you think about it. You’ll most likely still be able to get your bachelor’s degree in accounting on time. Even if you opt to get two minors as a full-time student.

Accountants work with numbers on a regular basis. They are expected to perform calculations and analyze figures and data off the top of their heads. Because they are so comfortable with these computations, they immediately see connections between numbers and the financial performance of a company. It’s a given, then, that accountants are very comfortable with math.

If you intend to really pursue a career as an accountant, a minor in math would certainly prove to be an advantage. The job involves regular production of financial reports and performing complicated accounting calculations. A background in math, such as statistics and calculus, would help you do your job with ease and accuracy.

Take note that math isn’t the only course that you can minor in to complement your accounting degree. A computer science minor is also highly recommended. You will be using computers and different kinds of accounting software when you become an accountant.

Finance and even English can also serve as great minors for those with accounting degrees. This is because finance will give you a greater understanding of money as a whole. English will enable you to write technical reports and communicate with non-accounting colleagues and bosses with greater clarity.

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