How Do I Become A Furniture Designer?

From start to finish, concept to construction, furniture designers work on the entire creation process. As a furniture designer, you are creating a product that can serve many purposes for an individual, family, or business. If you have an interest in design or building furniture, but do not know where to start to achieve your goals, do not worry! We will explore the various facets of the furniture design career path and how you can achieve a career within the field.

If you wish to pursue a degree in furniture design, you will need to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in furniture design. Few art and design schools may offer a program in the specialized area of study. Within your program, you will most likely learn how to use power tools, create upholstery textiles, fit fixtures to furniture, and perform the entire design process of furniture creation. It is imperative that you take coursework in the computer-aided design (CAD), woodworking, sculpture, drawing, art, and interior decorating.

You will need coursework in 2D and 3D designing to create prototypes, history of furniture, and be required to create original pieces of furniture. When you are investigating furniture design programs, it is imperative that your coursework includes concept design, development, and techniques in the area of furniture design. Fundamental construction courses, woodworking, and drafting courses are key in understanding how furniture is created. A Master’s degree in furniture design will further explore design thinking, 3D CAD design, evolution of furniture design, methods of furniture fabrication, and prototyping.

It is imperative to enroll in internships or apprenticeships in order to gain experience within the fieldwork of furniture design. Throughout the beginning of your academic journey, you will want to pursue as many internships or apprenticeships as possible. Internships are a fantastic way to get your foot in the door and learn more about the institution. Internships will help expand and refine your practical skill set within the field of furniture design. During your internship, you may work as an assistant or apprentice to a furniture designer or woodworker. An internship can be your ticket to the job of your dreams, allowing you to make professional connections, develop your skills, and further your experience in the field.

Upon completion of your furniture design degree, it is crucial to think of what type of furniture design career you wish to pursue. If you are not quite ready to work on your own as an independent designer, you can seek out entry-level positions within furniture design firms or interior design firms. When you are staring out your career, you are still learning so it may be wise to start at an entry-level position to acquire further knowledge within the field. Working at an interior design or furniture design firm will allow you to understand and become acclimated with furniture designs, period furniture styles, and fabric choices. When applying for a furniture design job, be sure to create a portfolio of your designs, while showcasing your creativity and style.

Many furniture designers look for employment as an independent furniture designer or as a commercial furniture designer. If you decide to pursue a career in independent furniture design, you will need to obtain your own studio and clientele. Working as a freelance, independent furniture designer, you will have more creative freedom to design and work with clients on a personal level. Commercial furniture design allows you to be employed within a manufacturing firm, interior design firm, or a larger, furniture design firm. If you choose a career in commercial furniture design, you will be crafting designs and furniture pieces that will appeal to the mass population.

As a furniture designer, it is imperative that you are aware of new trends in furniture design. Stay updated with new designs or techniques by attending workshops, design shows, furniture exhibits, and subscribing to furniture design publications. Do not be afraid to join various furniture design organizations such as American Society of Furniture Designers, to stay up to date on new designers and trends. Do not be afraid of entering award contests to showcase your unique furniture designs. It is essential to differentiate yourself from every, other furniture designer by showcasing your unique talent!

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How To Become A Furniture Designer

How To Become A Furniture Designer

Fashion and function smash together within the specialized field of furniture design. A piece of furniture can determine the tone of an entire room, as is one of the most vital components of a space. [...]

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