How Do I Become A Model?

"I would like to become a fashion model but I don’t know where to start. Can you please provide me with more information on this career? How do I become a model?"

asked by Faye T. from Wichita, Kansas

Modeling is seen as a glamorous profession. Yet amid the glitter of lights, fun parties and expensive clothing, modeling involves a lot of sacrifice and hard work. If you truly want to conquer the modeling industry, you need to steel yourself for the rough and demanding times ahead.

There are no education requirements for one to become a model. This is why you often hear of young girls who are fresh out of high school already on their way towards becoming supermodels. There are, however, modeling schools that give lessons to those who wish to become models. The courses teach potential models how to pose, walk, put on makeup and be confident on the job.

A lot of models, however, did not attend these schools but received their training on the job. Those who were discovered by talent scouts learned how to pose and walk by following the directions of the photographers, designers and more experienced models. Some merely observed other models in action and imitated what they did.

In order to break into the modeling world, aspiring models need to look for modeling agencies that can represent them. This task is often one of the most challenging aspects of the journey towards becoming a professional model. You will need to first create a portfolio and send your best pictures to various agencies in the country in the hope that the agent will call you for an interview. You’ll also need to know the schedules of “open calls” of these modeling agencies so that you can walk in and meet with agents and potential clients. Many clients prefer to work with agencies so it’s important that you get represented by one.

If you are really considering modeling as a career, you will need to be active in the circuit. That means getting regular gigs on the ramp, doing commercials and posing for print and even online platforms. Getting a steady stream of work is easier if you are under the wings of a modeling agency than if you were a freelance model. Make sure that you update your portfolio with your every assignment as a current portfolio will likely to get you more jobs than an old one.

Although the perception that fashion models must be waif-like is slowly changing, the fashion industry still maintains certain standards for height, weight and body size. This still leans towards those who are thin and physically fit. However, the industry is already opening up to plus-size models, too, so the market is already expanding for men and women of various body sizes.

Modeling requires discipline and persistence. There will be times when work is continuous but there will be days when assignments dry up. Don’t give up. Continue to keep yourself fit and healthy by following a nutritious dietary and exercise regimen so that you will always be at your best when work starts calling again. Of course, it’s also important to realize that even when you are swamped with work, you still need to watch your health by getting sufficient sleep and sticking to your diet and fitness program.

Modeling can be stressful and there are temptations to engage in unhealthy activities like smoking and excessive drinking. Avoid these so you can stay sharp and focused towards advancing in your professional modeling career.

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