How Much Does A Mathematician Make?

The common perception is that obtaining a degree in mathematics is best left to the geeks and geniuses of the classroom. But if the average students would only take a look at how much mathematicians are earning, they’d probably want to strive harder to love math and actually make a career out of it.

Mathematicians, especially those who work for scientific research and development services industry, manufacturing and the federal government are paid six-figure salaries annually. There are also bound to be more opportunities in the field in the next few years making it a very promising profession for those who are mathematically inclined.

Average Mathematician Annual Salary


The average annual salary for mathematicians is $105,600 a year. Salaries start at $54,890 a year and go up to $160,310 a year.

Average Mathematician Hourly Wage


The average hourly wage for a mathematician is $50.77. Hourly wages were between $26.39 and $77.07 an hour.

Stats were based out of 2,730 employed mathematicians in the United States.

Does Your Pay Depend On Your Experience?

Executive Mathematician

$160,310/year $77.07/hour

(Top 10% of Mathematicians)

Senior Mathematician

$129,730/year $62.37/hour

(Top 25% of Mathematicians)

Mid Level Mathematician

$105,810/year $50.87/hour


Junior Mathematician

$72,440/year $34.83/hour

(Bottom 25% of Mathematicians)

Entry Level Mathematician

$54,890/year $26.39/hour

(Bottom 10% of Mathematicians)

Mathematician Average Salary Comparison

$114k / year
$54 / hour
$105k / year
$50 / hour
$85k / year
$40 / hour
Operations Research Analysts
$84k / year
$40 / hour
Mathematical Science Occupations, All Other
$77k / year
$37 / hour
Mathematical Technicians
$58k / year
$28 / hour

Top 10 Highest Paying States For Mathematicians

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities For Mathematicians

Mathematician Salary By State

Rank State Hourly Rate Annual Salary
#1 New Jersey $62.73 $130,470
#2 District of Columbia $60.94 $126,750
#3 Maryland $57.66 $119,940
#4 Virginia $55.63 $115,700
#5 California $52.74 $109,690
#6 New Mexico $50.77 $105,600
#7 Illinois $49.53 $103,010
#8 Pennsylvania $46.92 $97,590
#9 Colorado $44.59 $92,750
#10 Rhode Island $44.37 $92,290
#11 Florida $43.86 $91,230
#12 New York $40.15 $83,520
#13 Ohio $39.95 $83,090
#14 Texas $37.17 $77,320

Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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