How Much Does Bartending School Cost?

Aspiring bartenders attend a bartending school in order to learn how to mix drinks and serve customers. These bartending courses offered in accredited schools typically take forty hours to complete and can usually be taken in ten classes of four-hour increments. With these bartending programs, students are given the chance to learn the lessons in a bar setting so that they get the feel of the job right from the start.

The cost of attending a bartending school is no doubt one of the major considerations of any potential student seeking to enroll in a mixology or bartending course. Unlike other certificate programs that take six months to complete, a bartending school only takes anywhere from one week to five weeks to finish. Consequently, the tuition for bartending courses is comparatively lower than that of other courses.

Bartending schools that offer forty-hour courses typically cost anywhere from $200 to $600 to attend. Elite Bartending School, for example, charges $550 for its Fundamentals of Bartending course. This covers the tuition fee of $325, registration fee of $150 and books and materials of $75. At the ABC Bartending School in Florida, the cost of the program is $395. This covers the program price of $245, a non-refundable registration fee of $100 and a non-refundable book fee of $50. They also charge a $50 “for all missed or cancelled classes.”

There are also bartending programs that are offered online that cost anywhere from $79 to $150. Some of these courses would include bartending supplies, materials and videos while others don’t. The problem with online bartending courses is that most of them are not licensed by the state. They also assume that students can learn how to perform the skills by simply letting them read recipe books and watch videos.

Without a teacher correcting a student’s errors or showing how to perform a particular skill, it will be difficult for aspiring bartenders to perfect the abilities needed to do the job successfully. Online courses would certainly help those who are already working as an assistant to a bartender and will have the chance to actually put the lessons he has learned in theory to actual practice.

One advantage of enrolling in bartending schools is that with the entire program cost they charge will allow students to attend classes for as long as they need to master the course as evidenced by passing the final test. This will give some students the time and support they need to be confident in bartending without the added expense.

The flexible schedules offered in many bartending schools across the country also enable students who are working to continue with their jobs while learning the art and science of bartending. For example, waiters who happen to work in the afternoons and evenings can opt to take morning or weekend lessons. Those who hold day jobs and want to learn bartending to augment their income may enroll in an evening schedule. Because of this flexibility in scheduling, funding the program cost and one’s living expenses like rent, food and transportation while attending a bartending school is usually not a problem.

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