How Much Does Boilermaker School Cost?

Not everyone is cut out to become a boilermaker. The work is heavy and may even be dangerous. From assembling parts of large tanks to installing them in places hundreds of feet above the ground, boilermakers face extreme challenges everyday that they do their job. There are those who are called upon to do this career and if you are one of them, you are no doubt concerned about how much it will cost you to go to boilermaker school.

There are a couple of ways to become a boilermaker. The first one is to become a boilermaker apprentice. Various trade organizations accept applicants for their apprenticeship programs. If you are at least 18 years old, are physically healthy and have your high school diploma then you can apply for apprenticeship. The good thing about becoming a boilermaker through an apprenticeship program is that instead of you paying for the program, you are the one being paid as you work in the job site. You do receive lower wages but for the training you receive, it’s well worth it. Since you become an employee and member of the union, you also get the benefits that regular employees receive. These include health coverage, vacations and pension plan benefits.

Boilermaker apprenticeships can be quite competitive and those with welding experience or who have already trained for boilermaker roles typically have an edge over those who don’t. This is why some opt to enroll in a boilermaker or welding course. The overall expenses in public institutions are cheaper than those in private schools, especially for in-state students who are given discounts on tuition.

The two-year associate degree in boilermaking offered by Ivy Tech Community College Southwest costs $4,424 annually for in-state students. For out-of-state students, the yearly cost is $8,096. This covers tuition, other fees, off-campus housing estimates and books and supplies.

Welding is another program that aspiring boilermakers can enroll in. The yearly cost of a bachelor’s degree program in welding technology ranges from $14,000 to $29,000. At Weber State University in Utah, the yearly cost for in-state students is $14,190 while for out-of-state students, it is $22,511. Oakland City University, a private institution, charges $29,000 a year for the program. This also covers tuition and fees, room and board and books and supplies.

An associate’s degree in welding technology ranges from about $7,000 to a little over $33,000. The program at South Plains College in Texas costs $7,007 a year for in-state students and $7,199 for out-of-state students. At Bellingham Technical College in Washington, the yearly cost of the program is $15,209 for in-state students and $21,188 for out-of-state students. One of the more popular welding programs is offered by Triangle Tech Inc Dubois. The yearly cost is $23,819. These costs cover tuition, fees, room and board as well as books and supplies.

If you opt to go to boilermaker school before undertaking an apprenticeship, keep in mind that financial aid is available for you to bring down your college expenses. Pay a visit to the financial aid office of your school to ask for your eligibility to apply for scholarships, grants and student loans.

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