How Much Does Computer Systems Analyst School Cost?

Aside from keen interest in computers or the computer industry, there is one reason to strive towards becoming a computer systems analyst: The job outlook for this profession is expected to be excellent in the next few years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the employment rate is expected to grow 25 percent in the next few years. This means that 127,700 computer systems analysts are expected to be added in 2022 to the existing 520,600 analysts who were hired in 2012.

Before you can be employed as a computer systems analyst, you will need to go through computer systems analyst school. This entails getting a bachelor’s degree in computer systems analysis, computer science or related field. Just like anyone contemplating on getting a college degree, you are no doubt concerned about the expense. And it is only right that you should. Spending money for tuition and fees, books, supplies and other related expenses for at least four years is no laughing matter and you should be prepared for these.

The cost of a bachelor’s degree program in computer systems analysis will depend on whether you go to a private or public school and if you are attending as an in-state student in a public school. Private schools are generally more expensive than public schools. It would be advisable to attend a public college in your state of residence since you will most likely be eligible for in-state student discounts on tuition.

The annual range for tuition and fees, housing, food and books and supplies for a bachelor’s degree in computer systems analysis ranges from a little over $13,000 to more than $53,000. On the average, you can expect to pay about $26,000 a year in many colleges. One of the more affordable programs is offered by Washburn University in Kansas. The yearly cost is $13,165 for in-state students and $20,317 for out-of-state students.

At the University of North Dakota, the yearly cost for in-state students is $14,908 while for out-of-state students, it is $25,194. At Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, the cost for in-state students is $20,774 while for out-of-state students, it is $29,052.

Private schools charge the same tuition for all students. One of the more popular programs is offered by the University of Phoenix Online Campus. The yearly cost is $15,818 which covers tuition, fees, room and board and books and supplies. If you are living with your parents while you are obtaining your degree, this can be further slashed down to $10,188 a year.

DeVry University in Illinois also has a popular program for computer systems analysis which would entail an annual cost of $23,669. This can also be brought down significantly to $17,235 if you live together with your parents for the duration of your studies. At the University of Denver, the program would cost $53,587 annually.

If the upfront costs of going to computer systems analysis school seem too high for you, don’t worry. Many students become the recipient of financial aid which can significantly bring down the cost of their college expenses. You can visit the financial aid office of your school and explore possibilities of applying for scholarships, grants and student loans. The last should be considered as an option of last resort since this is something that you will have to pay when you start working. The first step to get aid usually involves filling out Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can also work during your free time to help fund your college expenses.

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