How Much Does Computer Teacher School Cost?

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge about technology and playing a vital role in the lives of future programmers, systems analysts and computer wizards, working as a computer teacher could be something that you are eyeing in the future. In this profession, you get the chance to work with students at various levels—from the elementary to the post-secondary schools.

Before you can do that, you will need to go to computer teacher school. The most basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related course for one to gain entry into the profession to teach basic education students. Advanced degrees are typically required for those who want to teach college students.

Just like anyone who is planning to go to college, the cost of working towards getting a degree to become a computer teacher is most likely at the forefront of your mind. It’s no easy feat to go through college these days, especially when we hear about the burdens of student debt faced by college graduates. Knowing how much the yearly cost of tuition and other fees as well as related college expenses is the first step toward being able to finish computer teacher school.

Generally, many computer teachers have an undergraduate degree in computer and information sciences or related fields. On the average, a student pursuing this degree can expect to shell out around $32,000 annually for tuition, fees, room and board and books and supplies. The costs can range anywhere from $14,000 to more than $60,000 a year. Public colleges are usually more affordable, especially for in-state students who get to lower their tuition and fees with discounts. For example, at Troy University in Alabama, out-of-state students would have to pay $21,027 for this program.

In-state students would only have to shell out $14,691. At the University of California Irvine, in-state students would only have to spend $26,805 compared to the $49,683 spent by out-of-state students annually. At Georgia State University, in-state students spend $21,694 a year compared to the $36,262 shelled out by those from out-of-state. One program offered at Dakota State University is worth mentioning because other schools don’t usually have it. DSU has a bachelor of science in computer education which essentially prepares one to become a computer teacher. The yearly cost of this program is $14,031 for in-state students and $16,031 for out-of-state students.

Private schools charge the same tuition fee to all students regardless of their state of residency. The University of Phoenix Online Campus is one of the more affordable at $15,818 a year. At Saint Leo University in Florida, you would have to shell out $30,800 a year. A computer and information sciences degree taken at Yale University would set you back $60,900 annually.

Keep in mind that a four-year bachelor’s degree is simply the beginning if you intend to teach college-level students. You’ll have to factor in the costs of obtaining a master’s and perhaps even a PhD degree. The cost of postgraduate degrees could also range about the same as the yearly expenses mentioned above.

If the costs are too high for you, don’t despair. Many students enjoy financial aid of some sort so make sure that you go to the financial aid office of your school and inquire about possible scholarships or grants that you can apply for. You can also fund your studies with student loans. Getting a degree through an online course while working at the same time will enable you to finance college without having to rely so much on loans.

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