How Much Does Dental Assisting School Cost?

One of the healthcare careers that require substantially less time in school is that of a dental assistant. With a very rosy job outlook in the next few years and decent living wages enjoyed by those in the field, many get attracted to this career. Yet even if dental assisting school typically just takes anywhere from one year to two years to complete, the cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies are still important considerations when deciding to pursue the educational training needed for this career.

The cost of dental assisting school will vary depending on whether you enroll in a public or private school and the length of time your course will take. Diploma and certificate programs that can only be completed in a year or a year-and-a-half will be cheaper overall while you will have to spend more to obtain an associate degree in dental assisting. However, you can greatly reduce the cost of your tuition and other fees by enrolling in a public college of the state where you are a resident in so you can enjoy the in-state tuition discounts. You may also look for scholarships or grants that will also help in lowering your overall college costs.

The costs for a dental assisting program can range from around $8,000 to $30,000 a year. At the University of Maine at Augusta, the annual tuition paid by an in-state student for its dental assisting program is $8,245 while for out-of-state students, it is $17,695. For private schools like Kaplan University, the cost is the same for all students. Kaplan’s dental assistant diploma has a total tuition cost of $19,320. The College of Health Care Professions also has a dental assistant certificate program. The total program cost is $17,000. Penn Foster Career School also offers dental assistant training which students can accomplish online. The total regular cost of their dental assistant training program is $899 but this can be lowered to $606 if the student pays in full.

For two-year associate’s degrees in dental assisting, the yearly cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies as well as housing and food at H Council Trenholm State Technical College in Alabama is $9,438 for in-state students and $12,102 for out-of-state students. At Indian River State College, in-state students spend $9,464 a year while out-of-state students shell out $16,328. As in certificate programs, the cost of private schools is the same for all students regardless of their state of residency. Heald College Honolulu has an annual cost of $26,290. To get an associate’s degree in dental assisting at ECPI University in Virginia, you would have to prepare $23,185 each year.

Look at the cost of tuition carefully in the dental assisting school you want to obtain your training in because in some colleges, the cost of tuition already includes books and supplies while in others they are not. You would have to purchase your laboratory coat, uniform and other instruments yourself. Naturally, you’ll have to shoulder your transportation expenses to and from school if you’re living off-campus as well as to and from the healthcare setting where you will be having your clinical experience in.

One way to fund your dental assisting school expenses is to look for part-time job opportunities while you’re still working towards getting your diploma or certificate. If you are already working as a dental assistant and would like to go to school to be able to enhance your qualifications and become licensed, finding an accredited online program would be one of your best options as this will enable you to continue working while you’re trying to get the necessary training.

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