How Much Does Dialysis Technician School Cost?

Dialysis technicians are expected to have good job prospects in the next few years. While the growing number of people suffering from kidney failure needing dialysis treatment is certainly nothing to be happy about, it is precisely this situation that will fuel the need for dialysis technicians. Aside from the positive employment opportunities, people are also drawn to this career because of the decent wages that dialysis technicians are able to get. It’s also one of the healthcare professions that only require a certificate training program which lasts for about a year to be able to gain entry into the profession.

Yet no matter how short the training program is compared to a four-year bachelor’s degree, going to dialysis technician school still entails expenses. Tuition, fees, books and supplies as well as the cost of housing and food while you are still working towards getting your dialysis technician certificate are just some of the expenses that you will be spending on. Thus, it’s important to be prepared for these costs.

The average cost for dialysis technician school can range from a low of about $4,000 to nearly $20,000. This includes tuition, fees, books and supplies. For example, the dialysis training diploma program at Blue Cliff College has a tuition cost of $17,450. Books, supplies and graduation fees cost $1,850, bringing the entire cost of the program to $19,300.

At the Chippewa Valley Technical College, the renal dialysis technician technical diploma would cost around $4,853. This covers the cost of tuition, books and other additional fees. The per credit cost for in-state students is $125.85 while for out-of-state students, it is a bit higher at $188.80. At Malcom X College of the City Colleges of Chicago, the program costs $18,735. This covers tuition and other fees, books and supplies as well as room and board.

Online programs that offer certificates in dialysis technology are also available and they are much more affordable. For example, the 62-hour dialysis technician program of Phoenix College Downtown in Arizona has a course fee of $999. This includes books and materials. San Diego State University also offers the dialysis technician online professional certificate program which costs $2,195.

The dialysis technician online program of Texarkana College has a tuition cost of $1,299. The good thing about online dialysis technician programs is that it allows you to work while you are working towards getting your certificate.

The quotes given above are the costs that you can expect to pay without any form of financial aid. However, many students are able to substantially lower the cost of their tuition and fees through scholarships, grants and student loans. Ask the financial aid office of your school if you are eligible for any of these forms of financial aid. If you want to avail of a student loan, just keep in mind that this will have to be paid later on. Another way to help fund your expenses while going to dialysis technician school is to get part-time work.

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Dialysis Technician

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