How Much Does Electrician School Cost?

Electricians are set to have positive employment opportunities in the next few years. The decent pay and the fact that aspiring electricians can start applying for an apprenticeship right after high school are the main reasons why many are attracted to this profession. As apprentices, they already receive pay even if this is 30 percent to 50 percent lower than what full-fledged electricians get. An apprenticeship program is one of the most cost-effective ways to become an electrician because you earn while you learn.

However, more students are preparing themselves for this profession by getting formal training from an electrician school. These are typically short-term programs that last less than a year. Just like other certificate programs, these courses entail costs like tuition, fees, books and supplies. The cost of housing and food are also expenses that must be taken into consideration while you are working towards getting your electrician training certificate.

Enrolling in an online electrician training program is one of the more practical ways to enter the profession not necessarily because online options are cheaper. Rather, what makes online electrician programs desirable is the fact that it allows you to continue working while you are studying towards getting your certificate. This means that you don’t have to worry so much about how to pay for tuition because you have a job. The tuition fee for an online training program typically costs less than a $1,000. Just to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for an electrician program, let’s take a look at some programs:

Ashworth College offers an online career diploma in electrician training which students can complete in as short as four months. The tuition cost is $809 if you pay in full and $859 for the monthly auto pay plan option. The monthly bill pay plan will total $949. The online electrician training program at Penn Foster Career School costs $799 if you pay in full. Monthly automatic payments cost $959 and mail-in payments cost $999. Penn Foster’s accredited electrician career diploma program can be completed in seven months.

The Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM), a state-approved electrical training school in Colorado, offers a four-year electrician apprentice program which can be done online as an alternative to those who can’t attend classes in their Denver and Loveland campuses. Called the Live-Online Electrical Apprentice Program, the students and instructors meet “online” once a week from 5:30-9:30 pm (Mountain Time). The cost of tuition for this online program is $586 per semester for members and $836 for non-members.

Take note that these costs are not necessarily what you would pay for. If you are already working as a helper for an electrical company, you can ask if your employer has a program that subsidizes the cost of tuition. Many employers do so. U.S. Veterans can also inquire from the school if they can use their GI Bill benefits towards tuition. Some schools even provide tuition assistance to those who are unemployed. Online electrician schools also make their tuition affordable with monthly payment plans.

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