How Much Does Environmental Science School Cost?

We only have one world and we all have a responsibility to do our share in keeping it safe and sustainable for future generations. If you’d like to take this mission to heart and learn about the technical aspect about saving Mother Earth then you can consider enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program in environmental science. This undergraduate degree will teach you about conservation, wildlife, environmental problems, climate change and other important topics which will help you become an effective and knowledgeable crusader for the environment.

Just like any other undergraduate course, the cost associated with going to environmental science school is most likely one of the things that will affect your decision on where or how to obtain this degree. Tuition and other fees, books, supplies, housing and food are all expenses that you need to prepare for if you want to succeed in getting your environmental science degree. Since they are rising every year, it’s important to get an idea of the figures so you’ll know how much you need to save up. The actual cost for obtaining a college degree can vary widely, ranging anywhere from a little over $7,000 to more than $60,000 a year. On the average, many students spend about $37,000 a year for their environmental science degree.

There is a wide margin of difference over the costs you incur when you are working to get your college degree because public schools are more affordable when compared with private schools. If you attend a public school and qualify for in-state student discounts, you will enjoy lower tuition rates than out-of-state students. Private schools generally charge the same costs to all students no matter what their residency status is.

While traditional environmental science schools have become the most popular ways to obtain this degree, another option which is more cost-effective overall is getting your degree from online schools. Even if the tuition and fees for both on-campus and online programs are similar, what makes this option cheaper is the fact that you are not obliged to find housing near the school campus or make other unnecessary expenses that are normally associated with college life. You can make arrangements to stay at home with your folks while you’re working towards obtaining your degree, for example, and not have to pay for room and board.

To give you an idea of the tuition costs for online environmental science programs, let’s look at some rates published by some online schools in their websites. At American Public University, for example, their online bachelor of science in environmental science degree costs $8,038 annually for tuition and other fees. The per credit hour cost is $250 for undergraduate degrees at American Public University. The bachelor of science in environmental science program is also offered online in Arizona at the University of Phoenix. The school allows students to pay tuition on a course-by-course basis which makes budgeting easier. For 100/200-level courses, the per credit tuition cost is $410 while for 300/400-level courses, the per credit tuition cost is $435. Students also pay an electronic materials fee of $135 per course. Meanwhile, the online bachelor of science in environmental sciences at Oregon State University has a per credit tuition cost of $271. This does not yet factor in the fees, textbooks and other expenses.

You can further lower your college costs by seeking for financial aid. Talk with the financial aid adviser of the school where you intend to enroll and ask if there are options for you to obtain scholarships or grants. Most schools also offer tuition reductions to military personnel and their spouses so be sure to ask about these if you are a part of the military. Since you have the flexibility to hold a job while going to online environmental science school, paying for tuition and other fees is going to be possible even if you don’t resort to taking out student loans.

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