How Much Does Fashion Merchandising School Cost?

If you love fashion but want to focus on the business and analytics side of the industry, working as a fashion merchandiser is definitely going to be your cup of tea. Before you can get to work, however, you will need to undertake the necessary educational training to equip you with the skills you need to carry out the duties of the position competently. Since a fashion merchandising degree can take anywhere from two to four years to complete, the cost of tuition and related school fees and materials as well as that of room and board are going to be real concerns that you will need to prepare for.

How much you pay for your fashion merchandising degree depends on whether you get it from a public school or a private educational institution. You are going to get substantial tuition discounts if you attend a public school in the state where you are a resident in, making it cheaper. Private schools, on the other hand, charge the same tuition to all students regardless of what state they come from. Also, associate degrees naturally cost cheaper because they can be completed at a shorter period of time than bachelor’s degrees.

On the average, the annual cost of tuition, fees, course materials as well as room and board can range from about $8,000 to nearly $60,000 for a fashion merchandising degree. To give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay to obtain this degree, let’s look at the tuition information in a couple of schools. At Sanford-Brown, the total program cost of their online bachelor of science in fashion merchandising degree is $72,000 for students who are able to complete it at the recommended length of 38 months. This covers tuition and fees.

At Penn Foster Career School, the fashion merchandising degree can take four semesters to finish through distance education. The price for the first semester if you pay in cash is $1,264. For monthly automatic payments, it is $1,414 while for mail-in payments, the cost is $1,604.

Taking fashion merchandising courses online is more cost effective not necessarily because the tuition cost is lower but because of many other reasons. For starters, the flexibility offered by an online program provides you with the chance to hold a full time job while you complete your degree after work. You also don’t have to worry about finding a place near or in the campus where you will be studying the way you would if you were enrolled in an on-campus program. Thus, you can choose the most affordable place that your budget will allow and still be able to complete your degree no matter where you are in the country. For as long as you have the computer and Internet connection that meets the program’s technical specifications, you are going to be able to finish your degree.

Take note that you can further lower the cost of your tuition and other fees by availing of financial aid. Talk with the financial aid advisor of your school and find out if you qualify for scholarships or grants. Many of them also offer benefits to active duty military and their spouses. If you want to obtain a student loan to fund your degree, be sure to borrow only what you really need since you will be repaying these in the future.

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