How Much Does Film Editing School Cost?

Film editors are very crucial in the movie making process. Without their technical expertise and knowledge of telling stories in the most gripping and exciting way possible, a film would not be as engaging or effective in conveying its message across. Today’s film editors can work with both analog and digital media, choosing which shots the director has taken to include in the final version of the film.

They aren’t just technicians who know how to cut and edit dailies and manipulate them using computer software. Rather, they are also artistic masters in the sense that they know which scenes to include and how to frame them in such a manner that audiences are eager to know what comes next.

For those who are keenly interested to work in the movie industry as a film editor, obtaining the necessary training from a film editing school is a must. There are different degree programs that aspiring film editors can take to gain a foothold into the industry. These include associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in film production, film editing or related fields. And just like other college programs, you will have to make a financial investment to be able to get the knowledge you need and ultimately obtain your degree.

To give you an idea of how much film production and film editing educational programs cost, let’s take a look at the tuition, fees and related expenses of some schools. Chapman University has a bachelor of fine arts in film production where students can choose to emphasize in cinematography, directing, editing, production design or sound design before they enter their third year. Students who take anywhere from 12 to 18 credits per semester are charged tuition of $22,355 while those enrolled part-time pay $1,390 per credit. Students who exceed 18 credits also pay $1,390 per credit over 18 credits.

Video Symphony Pro School of Media Production, meanwhile, offers a certificate program in Avid TV and Film Editing. In this 1,440-clock hour program, students pay an instruction fee of $29,295 and books of $1,100 which brings the total cost to $30,395. They also offer a certificate program in new media production which costs $20,070. This covers the instruction fee and books.

The Motion Picture Institute offers a one-year intensive course known as the motion picture production program where students take 15 core film-making classes and then select their area of concentration. These concentrations are in film directing, screenwriting, film production and film editing. This program costs $12,000 and already includes tuition, use of equipment, lab computers and facilities. A much shorter program on film editing is offered by Film Connection Film Editing School. The cost of this six-month program is $9,800 which is relatively cheaper than what other schools charge.

Keep in mind that the cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies are just the tip of the iceberg. You should also factor into the equation the amount you will spend for housing especially if you’re attending school out-of-state as well as the money you will need for food, travel and other personal expenses. This can vary depending on where you are studying as well as your personal spending habits. Student budgets can vary anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 for these expenses.

Financial aid can greatly lower the cost of your tuition and other fees. Be sure to ask if you are eligible to apply for scholarships or grants so you can help finance your stay at film editing school. You may also inquire about student loans but you should only apply for the amount you need since money borrowed to pay for college must be repaid. Many students bring down the cost of their tuition and related expenses through a combination of financial aid and part-time work.

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