How Much Does Film School Cost?

If you want a career that has to do with the film industry, the best educational preparation you can undertake is going to film school. Whether you want to become an actor, director, screenwriter or scriptwriter, getting an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in any of these respective fields is going to be a must. These courses will provide you with the technical training and practical experience you need to become confident and competent when you embark on your chosen film career.

How much you pay for film school will depend on whether you study in a public or a private school. If you obtain your degree from a public educational institution in the state where you are a resident in, you will get to lower your college costs because public schools typically give tuition discounts to in-state students. Private schools don’t offer this kind of perk but charge the same fees to all students. Aside from tuition and other school fees, the cost of books, supplies and other resource materials are expenses that you have to take into consideration. You also need to include in the equation the amount you will pay for rent and the cost of food while you’re still working towards obtaining your degree.

To give you an idea of how much film school costs, let’s look at some schools. Colorado Film School offers certificates and associate’s degrees that focus on Writing and Directing, Writing and Producing, Post Production, Cinematography, Acting/Directing for the Screen and Screenwriting. Their certificate program lasts for two years and has a total program cost of $7,600 for Colorado residents and $10,600 for residents covered under their Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE). These are for residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Non-residents pay $26,200 for the entire program. Meanwhile, Colorado Film School’s associate of applied science degrees are three-year programs which has a total cost of $11,800 for Colorado residents; $16,400 for WUE students and $41,000 for non-residents.

Los Angeles Film School has both campus and online degree programs. Their tuition varies for domestic students and international students. Their Associate of Science in Film Degree program has a domestic tuition cost of $43,300 and an international tuition cost of $48,300. For their online degree programs, the cost of tuition for both domestic and international students is the same. Their Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business has a tuition cost of $49,000 while the Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking costs $57,000. The tuition cost already includes that of course materials, textbooks, technology fees and other related costs.

The New York Film Academy is another school for aspiring actors and filmmakers. Their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Film Program costs $11,812.50 per semester. Meanwhile, their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking costs $12,666 per semester. For aspiring screenwriters, New York Film Academy’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Screenwriting has a per semester tuition cost of $10,500.

Keep in mind that there are ways for you to bring down your college expenses. Talk with the financial aid advisor of your school to find out if there are scholarships or grants that you can apply for. Another way to make film school more affordable is to get a part-time job while you’re obtaining your degree.

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