How Much Does Floral Design School Cost?

To become an expert at floral design and become a well-respected florist, it would be to your advantage to go to floral design school. The training you will get in any of its floral design programs will not only prepare you for an entry-level post at a floral design shop. It will also jumpstart your entrepreneurial career and will provide you with the opportunity to actually open your own floral design business. It only takes proper training for enterprising floral designers to become business owners.

Of course, this kind of training does not come for free. You will have to make the financial investment so you can be educated in the area of learning how to cut and care flowers, making amazing floral arrangements for various occasions and understanding how the business side of floral arrangement works.

Floral design programs come in various shapes and sizes so it’s not easy to arrive at average costs. However, to give you an idea of how much certificate or diploma programs in the field are, let’s take a look at some program offerings. At Floral Design Institute, the total cost of their 120-clock hour Basic Floral Design Certificate program is $2,350. This already covers the registration fee, tuition and books and supplies like flowers and other materials. Meanwhile, their Advanced Floral Design certificate course is a 40-hour program that those have earned the Basic Floral Design Certificate or have 500 hours work experience as a floral designer. The total cost for this program is $850.

If you want to learn the art of floral design in short span of time, the New York School of Flower Design offers a 1-Week Intensive Course which has a total tuition cost of $1,850. Their Sampler course is an afternoon or evening program that teaches students to produce three design projects. It costs $150. Their Design Star Comprehensive program and their Masters Course have a total tuition cost of $1,850 each. Both programs last for four weeks each. The tuition costs mentioned already include flowers, tools, books and containers.

You don’t have to attend an on-campus class just to learn floral design. There are also online schools that offer this kind of training. What makes online classes more cost-effective for some students is the fact that it allows them to hold a fulltime job while they are working towards getting their floral design certificate or diploma. This flexibility alone gives them the chance to pay for their tuition without getting into too much student debt. Penn Foster Career School offers the Floral Design Career Diploma program online. The total price for the program is $407 if the student pays in full.

Do keep in mind that financial aid can substantially bring down the cost of floral design school. Ask the financial aid advisor if you are eligible for any scholarships, grants or other tuition discounts. For example, members of the military and their spouse as well as senior citizens can enjoy reduced tuition discounts in some schools.

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