How Much Does Foreign Affairs Analyst School Cost?

If you are interested in a highly-challenging career as a foreign affairs analyst, it’s important to prepare for the financial investment you need to make to be able to complete foreign affairs analyst school. This is because the educational preparation involved is going to be a little bit lengthy. A four-year bachelor’s degree in international relations or related fields is not going to be sufficient. At the very least, aspiring foreign affairs analysts must obtain a master’s degree in these fields.

How much you pay for foreign affairs analyst school is going to depend on factors like the kind of school you go to and whether you obtain your degree online or on-campus. Public schools are going to be more affordable if you are attending as an in-state student since they offer tuition discounts to residents. Private schools, on the other hand, don’t offer this kind of privilege since they charge the same tuition to all students regardless of residency status.

On the average, the tuition and fees, books and supplies and the housing and food costs to obtain a bachelor’s degree in international relations and affairs is around $41,000 a year if you’re attending as an out-of-state student. However, these costs can vary greatly among public and private schools. In some institutions, the yearly cost can be as low as $12,000 while in others, it can go as high as $60,000 a year. For example, the cost of tuition for obtaining a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the George Washington University is about $48,700 a year. Books and supplies cost $1,275 while room and board can reach up to $11,700.

Obtaining your master’s degree from an online school is going to be cheaper not necessarily because of lower tuition costs but because the flexibility of these programs allows you to work fulltime while you’re pursuing postgraduate studies. Moreover, online programs can be completed anywhere so you don’t have to spend for moving to new housing near the school the way you would if you enrolled in an on-campus program.

To give you an idea of the cost of a postgraduate degree, let’s take a look at some master’s degree programs. The estimated total tuition cost for the Master of Science in Global Studies and International Relations which is also offered online at Northeastern University is $28,106. A Master of Arts in International Relations program is also offered online by the School of International Service at American University where the tuition is charged at $1,720 per credit hour. This program typically requires 36 to 39 hours for completion. At American Public University, the Master of Arts in International Relations and Conflict Resolution-Capstone Option has a total tuition and fees cost of $11,700.

Whether you attend on-campus or online, financial aid can greatly lower your college costs. Ask about scholarships, grants or work-study opportunities that you can possibly apply for so you can reduce your college expenses. If you still need additional funds to cover these expenses, you can always obtain student loans but do use this form of financial aid as a last resort since student loans need to be paid later on.

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