How Much Does Forensic Science Technician School Cost?

Forensic science technicians work together with law enforcement authorities in solving crimes and profiling the identity of a criminal. Through the work they do in the crime scene and the analysis they conduct of the pieces of evidence that they have gathered in the laboratory, they play a vital role in giving justice to victims and putting perpetrators behind bars.

If this sounds like the career you want to do for the rest of your life, you’ll need to get the necessary education and training by going to forensic technician school. A bachelor’s degree in forensic science, forensic science technician, biology or chemistry will prepare you for the heavy responsibilities that come with the profession. To ensure that you will be able to finish your degree, you’ll need to prepare for the tuition and fees, books, supplies and related expenses that come with these programs. In addition, you also have to factor in your housing and food costs while you’re still working towards getting your degree.

How much you spend to obtain your bachelor’s degree in forensic science or related disciplines will also depend on whether you go to a public or private school. If there is a public school in your state of residence where programs that prepare one to become a forensic science technologist are offered, you might want to consider enrolling there and avail of substantial discounts in tuition fees. This is a privilege that only public schools can offer to in-state students. Private schools, on the other hand, charge students the same tuition cost regardless of where they live.

On the average, a bachelor’s degree in forensic science and technology can cost about $33,000 a year for tuition and fees, books and supplies and room and board. However, the ranges can vary from $11,000 to about $54,000 annually for these expenses. At the University of Houston Downtown, the yearly tuition cost for a Bachelor of Sciences in Chemistry with Forensic Sciences has a tuition cost of $5,516 for in-state students and $14,204 for out-of-state students. The cost of books and supplies is $1,167 while the cost of living expenses for those who are on their own is $8,532 a year. The budget for transportation cost is $2,844 while that of personal expenses is $3,926. At the University of New Haven, meanwhile, the Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science has a yearly tuition cost of $16,665 for fulltime students. Room rates for residential housing can range from $4,530 to $5,275 per semester depending on the type of accommodation while meals cost around $2,625 per semester.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field but want to get forensic training, you can go for a post baccalaureate certificate which takes only a year or less than a year to complete. Hamline University, for example, offers the post baccalaureate certificate in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science which can be finished in 16 months. The program has a total tuition and fees cost of $25,300 and books and supplies of $2,400. Those who want on-campus room and board will have to shell out $18,200 for the duration of the program.

Don’t forget to explore options for financial aid so you can bring down your overall college costs. Check your eligibility for scholarships and grants by talking with your school’s financial aid advisor. You may also be eligible for discounts if you are a military or a military spouse.

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Forensic Science Technician

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