How Much Does Furniture Design School Cost?

Furniture designers combine their love for conceptualizing and actual crafting of lasting pieces of furniture in the field of furniture design. For these very artistic individuals, a bed is not just a bed but a work of art. A dining table is more than a place to eat but also serves as the centerpiece of that place in the house where the family spends time to catch up on what happened during the day. Every piece of furniture they make is not only functional but also becomes an expression of their style and artistry.

The road towards being a furniture designer is not as simple as knowing how to saw boards, nail them together and paint them afterwards. There are skills and techniques that need to be mastered in order to excel in the craft. This kind of preparation can be obtained by going to furniture design school. If this is the kind of career you see yourself doing for the rest of your life, you’ll have to be ready to make the financial investment so you can get your bachelor’s degree in furniture design. You’ll need to prepare for tuition, fees and other related academic costs. In addition, you also need to factor in the cost of housing and food while you’re working towards getting your degree.

There are only a handful of art and technical schools who are offering furniture design programs in the United States so let’s look at the cost of some of them. The Rochester Institute of Technology offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture Design. The yearly tuition cost for this undergraduate degree for students taking 12 to 18 credit hours is $35,256. Total fees cost $512 per year while the yearly rent costs $6,758 while board is $4,810. Thus, you’ll have to shell out $47,336 annually if you want to attend furniture design school at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture program at the California College of the Arts has an annual tuition cost of $41,592 and fees of $350. Housing costs for on-campus students is $8,400 and $7,300 for off-campus students. Food expenses are estimated at $2,850 and books and supplies cost $1,500. Personal and transportation expenses for on-campus students are pegged at $3,450 while for off-campus students, it is $4,160. The total estimated yearly cost for on-campus students is $58,142 and $57,752 for off-campus students.

Rhode Island School of Design also offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture Design program. For fulltime students, the annual tuition cost is $44,284 while fees cost about $680 excluding health insurance. The room cost is estimated to be $7,167 a year while board is estimated at $5,473 annually.

A diploma in furniture making is a more affordable way to learn how to make furniture. North Bennet Street School offers the two-year Cabinet and Furniture Making program which has a yearly cost of $23,625 or a total cost of $47,250. Hand tools are estimated to cost $1,500 while the cost of materials is pegged at $2,000.

You can also bring down the cost of your tuition by asking the financial aid advisor of your school if you are eligible to apply for scholarships or grants. If your schedule allows it, you can also look for opportunities to work and study at the same time.

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