How Much Does Gunsmithing School Cost?

People who are passionate about something bring their interest to a whole new level by making a career out of it. This is also true in the field of guns and weapons where a career as a gunsmith can prove to be very rewarding. If this is your area of interest and you can’t think of any other work other than one which would require you to put your technical skills to work in making and repairing weapons then you need to obtain the necessary training from a gunsmithing school.

Obtaining the necessary education to become a gunsmith is essential preparation for this career. Gunsmithing programs are available in traditional state colleges and even in online schools. How much you pay for gunsmithing school will depend on where you intend to get the education and whether you are attending as an in-state or out-of-state student. If gunsmithing is offered in a school in your state then you can reduce your tuition costs significantly because of the discounts given to residents. Out-of-state students pay more for tuition.

To give you an idea of how much gunsmithing school costs, let us look at two programs. Murray State College is one of those institutions that offer a two-year associate in arts degree in gunsmithing. The yearly tuition and fees cost for Oklahoma residents is $4,134 while for non-residents, it is $9,292. Students pay $1,400 for books and supplies. Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado also offers an undergraduate certificate in gunsmithing which is designed to be completed in 60 weeks. For the entire program, the cost of tuition and fees is $6,617 and $4,000 for books and supplies.

Tuition and fees and books and supplies are just two of the main costs that you can expect to incur in gunsmithing school. You also need to factor in rent and food, your travel expenses as well as your other personal costs while you’re still working to get your degree. You may need to add a average of $9,000 to $10,000 annually for these expenses.

If you are a visual learner and can follow instructions given through videos or books then another method of training to become a gunsmith is to enroll in a gunsmithing program offered online. Ashworth College offers a career diploma in gunsmithing which costs $809 if paid for in cash. It can be completed in as short as six months. Penn Foster also offers an online gunsmithing program at a cheaper price of $765.

The good thing about obtaining your training from an online school is that you don’t have to make any unnecessary and expensive moves to another place just to be near the gunsmithing school. In addition, you also get the chance to work fulltime since you’re not confined to a strict on-campus schedule. However, do keep in mind that gunsmithing is a hands-on craft. If you really want to learn online, you need to obtain the materials and tools you need and follow the instructions so you will know how to actually do it.

Don’t forget to inquire about financial aid in the school where you will be enrolling in. See if you are eligible for scholarships, grants and other forms of aid that can bring down your college costs so that gunsmithing school will become easier to pay for.

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