How Much Does Health Education School Cost?

If you are passionate about promoting health and wellness among special patient groups in a healthcare facility or community setting, you’ll need to get the necessary educational preparation by getting a bachelor’s degree in health education or related field. Just like any other college degree, doing so is going to entail financial investment on your part. Tuition, fees, books and supplies are the major expenses involved with obtaining a health education degree but they are not the only ones. You also have to consider the cost of housing and food while you’re studying as well as the travel and other personal expenses that are a normal part of a college student’s life. Add those all up and you have a hefty total for the four years of health education school.

These expenses should not discourage you from pursuing your dream of going to college. Research as consistently proven that holding a college degree will lead to better employment opportunities and higher paying jobs. You just need to prepare for the monetary outlay that a health education degree will require and find out about the options that are available to you that will help bring down the cost of your college expenses.

On the average, you can expect to shell out about $32,000 a year for tuition, fees, books, supplies and room and board to earn a degree in public health education and promotion as an out-of-state student. The range, however, can vary from a low of about $8,000 to more than $53,000 annually. If you want to reduce the cost of tuition, you may want to consider attending a public school in your state of residence if it offers this program. Doing so will entitle you to a huge tuition fee reduction which is a perk given to all in-state students—an advantage that you don’t get in a private school.

Another way of bringing down your college expenses is to opt to get your degree online. While the cost of tuition may be similar, the flexibility of an online schedule will provide you with the opportunity to work fulltime so you can pay for your college costs and not have to depend on student loans that you’ll eventually have to pay for just to be able to get your degree.

Ashford University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Health Education program online.

Excelsior College is another school that allows students to get their Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (Health Education emphasis) online. The tuition cost for the program is $465 per credit, with students needing at least 120 credits to graduate.

Whether you study health education online or on-campus, it’s important to get in touch with the financial aid office of the school you plan to go to and ask about financial aid opportunities. You may be eligible to apply for scholarships and grants that will shoulder part or even all of your college costs. Many schools also offer reduced tuition rates to veterans and their families so if you are one or are the spouse of one, you may be eligible for these benefits.

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