How Much Does Health Information Management School Cost?

Health information managers are well-paid professionals who are tasked with securing patient records in hospitals and clinics. The demand for these individuals is also quite high in the next few years as more and more healthcare settings shift to electronic management of the health records of their patients. While a job that pays a lucrative paycheck is definitely something to aspire for, you also need to keep in mind the financial investment you will make so you can be prepared for the huge responsibilities that this career will entail. By going to health information management school, you equip yourself to succeed in this profession. At the same time, however, you also have to be prepared for the monetary cost that obtaining a health information management degree will entail.

How much you pay for tuition and fees will depend on whether you attend a private or public school. If you can find a public school in your state of residence which offers the health information management program, it may be financially easier on your (or your parents’) pockets if you go there. This is because in-state students attending public schools are typically given substantial discounts in tuition—something that is not observed in private schools. You want to bring down the bulk of your tuition costs because that is just one portion of your college expenses. You also need to factor in the cost of books and supplies, room and board as well as your travel and personal expenses while you are working towards your degree.

On the average, a student enrolled in health information or medical records administration can expect to spend close to $29,000 annually for tuition and fees, books, supplies and room and board if he is studying as an out-of-state student in a public school. However, the ranges can vary. In some schools, students may only need to shell out $11,000 a year for these expenses while in others, the same program can mean spending about $43,000 annually for these costs.

Another option that would help bring down your overall expenses for attending health information management school is to look for an online program. Thankfully, many schools are now offering a bachelor’s degree in health information management purely through distance learning mode. Although the tuition cost may be similar to how much you would pay if you attended an on-campus program, the advantage of obtaining your degree online is that you have the flexibility to hold a fulltime job while doing so. This will enable you to pay for tuition and not have to worry about taking out student loans just to pay for college.

To give you an idea of the costs of these online programs, let’s look at some of them. The University of Wisconsin offers the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management and Technology degree which has a total of 60 credits. It charges a flat fee of $390 per credit for all students regardless of residency status. There are no other fees but books are bought separately. The online Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Information Management at the University of Cincinnati, meanwhile, costs $450 per credit hour for Ohio residents and $465 for non-Ohio residents. Students can expect to spend an additional $200 per semester for textbooks.

Whether you are obtaining your health information management degree online or on-campus, be sure to inquire from the financial aid office of the school about your eligibility for financial aid. Apply for scholarships and grants if there are any that you qualify for and be sure to ask for tuition discounts if you are a member of the military or are a spouse of one. Exploring these options will greatly bring down the cost of your college expenses.

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