How Much Does Home Health Aide School Cost?

A career as a home health aide is one of the more promising occupations to go into in the healthcare support industry. Not only is the educational preparation very short—lasting only a few weeks—it is also a career that is projected to be rife with work opportunities in the next few years. If you genuinely want to care for the elderly at a time when they are most vulnerable health-wise, then this is an occupation that you can consider.

Before we answer the question on how much home health aide training costs, it’s important to understand that there are some states that don’t require aspiring aides to undergo formal education in this field. Training is given on the job and some even accept those who haven’t even finished high school.

However, many states do require aspiring home health aides to undergo the needed formal educational training on the topics covering the work they do. These training programs will teach students about basic nutrition, hygiene and home care skills. Training can be obtained from vocational schools, community colleges and home health care agencies.

The cost of tuition for a home health aide program varies depending on where you obtain the training. The home health aide program offered by Lake Tech in Florida has a tuition cost of $475, external costs of $213.65 and internal costs of $183.90, bringing the total cost to $872.75. At Nursing Unlimited Inc, meanwhile, the total program price is $405 which includes the cost of the textbook. Registration fee is $50. They also offer CPR and HIV/AIDS without any extra charge. The City College of San Francisco offers the home health aide certificate program which lasts for one semester. Tuition for non-California residents is $211 plus $46 enrollment fee per unit. One semester is 12 units. At Meridian at Home in New Jersey, on the other hand, home health aide tuition is free but there are additional costs for the certificate from the Board of Nursing.

Another way to get the necessary training to become a home health aide is to obtain it online. Ashworth College, for example, offers such a program which costs anywhere from $659 to $799 depending on the payment plan you choose. Kennesaw State University also offers the home health aide certificate which can be taken online. The cost of their course is $1,595. The good thing about the online option is the fact that it offers the most flexibility. Thus, you can continue to work fulltime while you are enrolled in an online program to become a home health aide. Another way that an online course will allow you to save is the fact that you don’t have to transfer to an apartment close to where the school is located while you’re undergoing training.

The tuition cost for the training program is definitely easy to recover as soon as you are employed as a home health aide. Granted, the salary may not be much but it does provide the opportunity to earn a living wage and engage in a truly meaningful career that puts you in a position to help others.

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