How Much Does Hospitality Management School Cost?

If you have plans of working in the hotel and restaurant industry, obtaining a degree in hospitality management is one of the first steps that you should take. While it’s true that there are no formal educational requirements to get an entry-level job in a hotel or resort, the preparation you get with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality administration or hospitality management will give you an edge over those who don’t have these degrees. Large hotels typically prefer degree holders since their educational preparation means that they don’t have to waste time and resources in training new hires.

If you intend to go to hospitality management school, you’ll have to be prepared to spend for tuition, books, supplies and related academic expenses. You also need to factor in the cost of housing and food while you’re working towards earning your degree.

On the average, you can expect to spend a little over $32,000 for a four-year bachelor’s degree in hospitality administration or management if you’re attending as an out-of-state student. This covers tuition and fees, books and supplies and housing and food. In some schools, you may be able to earn your degree for as low as $9,000 a year while in others the cost can skyrocket to nearly $60,000 annually. An associate’s degree in hospitality management is cheaper at around $18,000 a year for the costs mentioned above. In some schools, the cost of a hospitality management education can be as low as $6,000 a year while in others, it can be more than $45,000 annually.

Whichever degree you choose to pursue, you can still bring down these costs if you attend a public school in your state of residence. This is due to the fact that public schools typically give substantial tuition discounts to in-state students—a perk that out-of-state students don’t get. Private schools, on the other hand, charge the same tuition fees to all students regardless of their residency status. The range of costs for a bachelor’s program in hospitality management can vary greatly.

Another way to lower the overall cost of your college education is to look at online schools that offer hospitality management degrees. While the tuition may be similar to what you would pay in a traditional on-campus program, you can still save because online programs allow you to work while you are studying. This means that you will have the opportunity to pay for your college costs and won’t have to resort to large student loans just to be able to fund your degree. Another advantage of distance education is that it will allow you to work right at home—an arrangement that will lessen your room and board expenses.

Keep in mind, however, that there is always financial aid if you need help paying for college. Visit the financial aid advisor of your school to check if there are scholarships and grants that you could apply for. There are also student loans that you can resort to if you really need help paying for your college expenses. Just make sure that borrow judiciously since these loans have to be repaid in the future.

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