How Much Does It Cost To Go To Business School?

Pursuing a career related to business or finance necessitates going to business school. In many cases, a degree in business administration is the entry point towards obtaining a job in a company. Professionals also continue to study and enhance their chances of advancement by obtaining a masters in business administration (MBA) degree.

How much a student will pay for business school depends on the degree being taken, where he will study, the length of time of the program and whether the course is offered only on-campus or also available online. There are a variety of choices for a student wishing to pursue a career in business administration and the cost of tuition and other expenses can vary with these choices.

Perhaps the most affordable way of obtaining a business degree is to get an associate’s degree which lays the ground for future studies especially if one is not yet ready to get a bachelor’s degree. This two-year course, when taken at a junior college ranges anywhere from a little over $3,000 to around $9,000 a year. Moreover, students may also get discounts when they are residents of the district where the school is operating in. These discounts can be substantial so prospective students should check out whether their residency status will allow them to lower their tuition fees.

A bachelor’s degree is often the minimum educational requirement by employers so students who are intent on pursuing a career in business will need to obtain one. The tuition fee for a four-year bachelor’s degree in business administration ranges anywhere from close to $9,000 in public four-year colleges to a little over $30,000 in private non-profit four-year colleges.

For professionals who want to take up their business education further and pursue an MBA, the average cost of tuition is in the vicinity of $60,000 a year. Based on rates published on their websites as of this writing, the MBA tuition for Harvard Business School students is $58,875 while at Columbia Business School, the cost of MBA tuition is $63,148. The MBA program of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has a tuition fee of $68,210.

The rise of the Internet has facilitated online classes for those wishing to get a business administration degree. The annual tuition cost for these classes vary although the total cost of tuition and fees for a bachelor’s degree in business administration can range anywhere from a little above $40,000 to around $70,000.

Students should also take into consideration other expenses when preparing to go to business school. There are expenses associated with room and board, health insurance and books and supplies. In addition, students must also factor in their personal expenses that would give them the opportunity to make their college experience worthwhile and enjoyable. One advantage of pursuing a business degree online is that the student can minimize the other expenses that regular students must pay for when they attend classes on-campus.

While the tuition costs of a business degree are expensive, students can bring these down by applying for financial aid. From grants to scholarships to student loans, there are a number of programs that enable students in the United States to obtain their college degree. They can also pursue part-time work opportunities to help pay for their school-related expenses.

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