How Much Does Locksmith School Cost?

If you’re interested in locks, keys and security then you might want a career as a locksmith. This is a profession that does not only give you a chance to engage in fulltime employment, it also offers the opportunity to open your own business selling not only locks and keys but providing locksmithing related services. What makes this profession very appealing—even as a part-time work opportunity—is that it provides good pay for doing light and short work. Before you can enter this profession, however, you need to learn the tools of the trade. You can easily do so through locksmith training programs.

Locksmith training programs can be found in on-campus settings and online. They are also short and last only for a few weeks or months. Online locksmith training programs are popular because they allow you to study at your own pace. These courses typically include tool kits and the necessary study resources like materials and videos that will guide you through the entire program. Some also offer one-on-one tutorials.

Penn Foster Career School is one of the schools that have an online locksmith training program. Their Professional Locksmithing Program can only take as short as two months to complete. It costs $740 if you pay in full. The cost is a little more expensive if you choose the monthly payment options. Ashworth College also offers online locksmith training which can be completed in as little as four months. This career diploma program costs $859 if you pay in cash and costs more if monthly payments options are chosen. The cost covers a key-making machine and the exam fee for the Associated Locksmiths of America Fundamentals Locksmith Exam, among others.

If you prefer to go to get your locksmith training on-campus, one of the schools that offer locksmith training is the California Institute of Locksmithing which is a Division of Friedman College. The Institute offers two types of classes—the 10-week class and the 10-day class. Completion of the 10-week program will make you eligible for a diploma while a 10-day class will award you with a certificate of completion. Tuition cost for the 10-week class is $4,775 while the 10-day class has a tuition cost of $2,500. You will also have to pay for basic tools and other equipment which will mean an additional expense of $895. You will also have to factor in the additional cost of housing and food during the duration of your program.

Some apprenticeship programs may provide locksmith training free of charge. This is an opportunity to learn the trade without having to worry about the cost. One of these is the Baltimore School of Locksmithing, a Division of Easter’s Lock & Key Security Systems. Their Locksmith Training Apprentice Program provides no-cost training to applicants except for the tools which the students have to buy for themselves. The first two weeks will be the introductory phase where the school will determine if you have what it takes to learn the trade. If not, your free training will end there. If you make it, you will be allowed to continue your training for free. There will be periodic evaluations at subsequent points in the program. Those who successfully make it through these evaluations will eventually be offered a paid position and then a contractual position in the company.

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