Is A Marketing Degree Worth It?

"I took a marketing class recently (still in high school) and it was a lot of fun. It was just an elective, but I think I could see myself marketing for a living. Is it important for me to get a degree if I want to get a marketing job? I want to make sure that marketing pays well and that a degree is also going to be worth my time before I dive in headfirst. I really hope so, since it seems so exciting!"

asked by Nancy from Las Vegas, NV

Marketing is a very rewarding career for many people, and if you enjoy it. So you will want to research different jobs within the field before you decide on a path. That way you can ensure that the role you choose will support the lifestyle you want.

As far as education goes, you can get a degree in just two years if you aim for an associate’s degree in marketing. Most marketing candidates will have at least a bachelor’s degree. A few may go on to earn master’s degrees or even doctoral degrees, but most opportunities will open to you with a four-year degree.

Keep in mind that if you plan to go into management at some point down the road, you may very well want to get a higher degree in order to reduce the amount of work experience you need to qualify.

Do you need a degree to become a marketer? By majoring in this field, you can pick up skills in product and demand analysis, communications, online media, design, and more. All of these skills are needed on the job in order to make smart marketing decisions.

You also will have a chance to apply for an internship while you are at college earning your degree.

An internship can be your foot in the door with a marketing firm, and can give you hands-one experience in the real world. This looks great on your resume, and also teaches you skills you can never learn in the classroom.

The other reason a degree is a smart idea is that marketing is such a popular field right now. The fact that there is a lot of demand is great, but because of the fast growth rate, a lot of people are interested in going into marketing, and that means a lot of competition. You can get ahead of the competition by getting a degree under your belt. So is it worth it to get a degree in marketing? Definitely.

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