Is Cosmetology School Right For Me?

Cosmetology professionals take care help improve the personal appearance of workers so that they look and feel their best. Not everyone is cut out to become a cosmetologist. It takes someone who is especially dedicated in the profession and who can hack its rigors and demands to work in it successfully. Before you enroll in a beauty school, it’s important to ask yourself if this is indeed the right profession for you.

You need to determine if you will be comfortable working with people on a one-on-one basis. You normally do the hair or makeup of two or more clients at once. As such, you should have no qualms about working with people individually if you want to become a cosmetologist. It’s also a very social career. You need to be friendly and at home talking with clients while you are doing their hair, polishing their nails or giving them makeup.

Another important consideration before you train for this career is that you must have a critical eye for detail. An uneven makeup application can make a person look less than beautiful so you have to ensure that everything you apply is balanced and that there are no spots that are left unattended. If you’re all right with doing things haphazardly, a career as a cosmetologist isn’t right for you.

You must also be comfortable working with your hands. As a cosmetologist, you will be using your hands to apply makeup, trim hair and clean fingernails. You also need to have excellent hand-eye coordination to do your tasks well. If your hands are shaky, you might want to think twice before training to become a cosmetologist.

Another way to ascertain if cosmetology school is right for you is if you have no qualms telling people what you think about their appearance in a constructive manner. You must also combine this with the ability to give solutions on how their appearance can be better improved. While you must be comfortable about giving honest feedback, you should also use your skills and training to give them the answers to imperfections about their physical appearance. You have the ability to foresee, in a manner of speaking, how a person would look like after you have fixed her hair and applied the right colors on her face.

Cosmetology school is also for those who are truly passionate about beauty and fashion. You must look forward to reading about the latest trends in the industry and know how to apply these to your clients. Whether it is the newest haircut style or palette color for makeup, it is your hobby to research on the latest happenings in the fashion scene and study how new styles are carried out during your free time.

Another consideration that you must think about is if you have the time to attend school given the existing demands on your time. If you already have children and are working fulltime, you have to ask yourself if you are still willing to and have the time and energy for cosmetology school. Remember that you have to pass all the requirements—attend lectures, read books and do homework. It’s also a demonstration-heavy course which means that you need to have the time to actually practice the various procedures on people, wigs or mannequins.

The decision to attend cosmetology school will also be influenced by monetary considerations. Just like any other career, training to become a cosmetologist costs money. You can certainly apply for financial aid to get you through cosmetology school but if you are burdened with other financial concerns, e.g. huge debts and children to send to school, you might want to go to cosmetology school only when you are financially ready.

There are many things you want to consider in your decision to go into cosmetology school. While your passion for beauty and fashion will factor in greatly in your plan to take up cosmetology, you also have to look at your current realities. You need to consider your family and work obligations and determine if you will still have the energy to actually do the work that will be required of you in beauty school. Concerns about money will also need to be factored in, although this can be alleviated by financial aid. Time is also a determining factor in your decision to proceed or not. If you don’t anymore have the time to do assignments, study for tests and even be physically present in school, you might have difficulty complying with the requirements to pass a cosmetology program.

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