Should I Become A Doctor Or A Physician Assistant?

A career as physician assistant or medical doctor will put you in a position to provide medical care to patients. Both professionals can examine, diagnose and prescribe treatment to patients suffering from various health conditions. However, both professionals have fundamental differences that can make it confusing for you to decide which career path to take. If this describes you, consider the following reasons for becoming a doctor or physician assistant below.

You can consider becoming a medical doctor if:

You can consider becoming a physician assistant if:

Hopefully, the points given above should give you a good idea if you should become a physician assistant or a medical doctor. In addition to these, you may be interested to know that the career outlook for physician assistants is projected to burgeon in the next few years. While there is also demand for physicians and surgeons, the need for physician assistants is set to be much higher than the national average. The opportunities are especially good if you don’t mind working in rural areas where the need for healthcare professionals is great.

Of course, there is always that matter of prestige. In addition to the limitations of the physician assistant career but without downgrading this profession, it cannot be denied that people put doctors in high esteem when it comes to the authority they hold over their health. This is understandable considering that this career has been around for a long time and the fact that their medical training is considerably longer and more comprehensive than what physician assistants undergo. If this is important to you, then medical school will be the best option for you.

Career Spotlight: Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant

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