Should I Become A Pediatrician?

"I am planning to go to med school so I can be a doctor. I have to choose a specialty at some point (unless I go with general practice, I guess), and I am trying to weigh several different options. The one that I keep coming back to is pediatrician. It seems like it might be cool to work with kids. I hated going to the doctor as a kid, and it seems like a chance to make it a better experience for other kids now. What are some other good reasons to become a pediatrician?"

asked by Mary from Springfield, IL

Pediatricians are very important members of the medical community. They work with children as young as infancy, as well as older children and even young adults. They also work with the parents of children to help establish healthy lifestyles and habits as children are growing up. As a pediatrician, you would be responsible for treating injuries and sicknesses, and also for providing preventative care and general nutritional and lifestyle advice to parents and children.

What are some benefits of becoming a pediatrician?

This is a great field if you enjoy working with kids. You said that was something you were interested in, and this field allows you to combine that with your medical interests.

Helping young people establish healthy lifestyles at a young age often lays the groundwork for a healthy lifetime. The difference you make will be a lifelong one, even though you will not work with your patients when they get older.

Another nice benefit of being a pediatrician is that you may work with patients for many years before they move on. Children you treat as infants may continue seeing you into young adulthood. If they stay in the area, they may bring their children to you later.

Pediatricians often are very well connected in their communities. And if you feel like relocating instead, you will find a lot of openings across the country and around the world.

This is a very highly paid position. The population is growing fast, so that means a lot of babies will be born in the coming years who will need pediatricians to provide them with high quality healthcare. So with a job as a pediatrician, you are looking at both opportunity and excellent pay.

You did not mention the other positions you were considering as a pediatrician. Look up salary information and demand data before you make your decision, and also take into account the job duties and other benefits of each position. There are a lot of great reasons to consider a career as a pediatrician though, and even if you had no other considerations, this would be a great option all by itself.

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